Fishcenter - C. Martin Croker (partially found livestream; 2015)

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Fishcenter screenshot taken from the website.

Status: Partially Found

Fishcenter is a live, daily (weekdays only), marine-themed call-in show and the flagship program of American entertainment website Adult Swim. It's hosted by the "ever-archiving" Twitch. That being said, one of the call-ins, done sometime before or on Friday, July 24, 2015, featured C. Martin Croker in-character as Zorak, one of his last recorded voice-overs for the character and possibly the last one he did for [Adult Swim] specifically.

The only proof that this happened is a post on Facebook, linking to a sound clip of the conversation, presumably from the speaker's side of the phone.[1]


Zorak: What the hell is your problem?

Caller: I just wanna know if you like sports.

Zorak: Sports!?

Caller: Yeah!

Zorak: Feah! Maybe if I live to be seven-hundred.

Caller: What happens at seven-hundred?

Zorak: That- that's your idea of a good time?, like sitting around and watching other people do sh(bleep)t all the time?

Caller: Yeah!

Zorak: Yeah sh(bleep) that you can't do?

Caller: Oh I'm terrible at sports.

Zorak: Phh yeah, right. So you're just living vicariously.

Caller: You should watch soccer it's weird.

Zorak: Dude that's pathetic.

Caller: I know...

Zorak: Focker. Ph, good god. okay moving on!

Caller: Thanks Zorak!

Zorak: Next... bye.

Caller: Bye now!

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