Five Starcle Men (partially found noise music group discography; 1990-1997)

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Sleeve/album cover for Scunibro, the found vinyl LP from the group.

Status: Partially Found

Five Starcle Men were an electronic/experimental/avant-garde noise music group from the 1990s whose music consists of heavily distorted and edited tape loops, drug-fueled rambling, alien abduction testimonials, and circuit bent toys and other electronic gadgets.

The group was comprised primarily of two members, Luke McGowan and Glen Hobbs. After Hobbs' suicide in 1997, McGowan went on to be a professor of psychology at the California Institute of Technology.

They had a notable obsession with the chemical dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant with psychedelic/dissociative hallucinogen properties when taken in higher doses; their full-length album Scunibro contains an advertisement/URL for obtaining free samples of the chemical.

They had a Wikipedia page, but it has deleted due to lack of notability, despite the group's compilation album Gomba Reject Ward Japan having 27,000+ downloads on

The only full official album to have surfaced online as it was released in the band's lifetime is Scunibro, a 12" vinyl released by Bobby J Records. There are two official digital compilations released via Lost Frog Productions, a Japanese label, along with an unofficial bootleg cassette tape compilation called The Five Starclemen. Lost Frog also released a CD compilation titled Ghost Starbie's Collected Kids, but it appears to have the same tracklisting as the digital compilation Gomba Reject Ward Japan. The second digital compilation is called Only Kids of Nothing Star.

An incomplete discography was listed on their Wikipedia page, with album titles and release years as follows:

ISTINT (1992)

Briskle Discal (1993)

Briskle Discal 2 (1994)

Reject Ward (1995)

Scunibro (1995)

Beast 666 (1995)

Gomblasemba Lumbieca (1996)

The band was also featured in the inaugural and presumably only issue of the zine Whump, with some audio of the interview existing on the 7" bonus record that was included with the magazine.

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