Flash Report 2011 (found Filipino opening billboard for newscast TV series; 2011)

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Logo from 2011

Status: Found

Date found: 15 Jun 2021

Found by: Philippine Television Archives

Flash Report was a Filipino newscast show aired on GMA Network. The newscast aired round-the-clock and during a piece of urgent breaking news. The newscast rebranded in 2011 after 3 years with a new logo and opening billboard. However, the OBB was short-lived, and it was replaced in the same year.


Several footage of Flash Report from 2011 was really obscure, along with its Special Edition counterpart that got defunct in 2007 and several Flash Report footage from 2002-2006.

Flash Report newscasts' videos were uploaded by several individual channels back in 2011. These channels' purpose is to upload shows from Philippine TV networks so that people can watch. These channels stopped uploading Flash Report in May 2011. These channels are linked on Blogspot and forums, an effect that only few people know them and these channels are not really known. However, most of these got terminated throughout the years, making them more obscure and rarer.

A search made by Philippine Television Archives on finding and browsing the videos of these channels was initiated in May 2021. Version 2 of the OBB was said to be unused and was on a promo plug uploaded on April 29th, 2011.[1] For years, the full OBB hasn't yet resurfaced. On May 16th, 2021, its Breaking News counterpart was found by Philippine Television Archive.s[2] An almost full OBB was found by the same user on June 1, 2021. On June 15, 2021, the full version was found by Philippine Television Archives from a video that got uploaded in May 2011.


Promo plug featuring the unused 2nd version OBB.

Full version uploaded by Philippine Television Archives.

Source of the full version.

Breaking News counterpart.


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