Flutemaster (partially found original English audio of US-Chinese co-produced animated series; 2003)

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Poster for the series

Status: Partially Found

Flutemaster was an animated TV series from 2003. The show was produced by Barry Glasser who also worked as the screenwriter, writer, and producer. It was directed by Al Guest, and Jean Mathieson, and other producers included Lili Deng and Louis Liu. The show was a co-production between the United States and China; specifically, a collaboration between China Television Media, Omni Culture Co., and distributed by Whamo Home Entertainment, and World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation. The first episode debuted on Oct 2, 2003 in China, and it ran for Twenty-Six episodes across 1 season.[1]


IMDb cites the synopsis as "In this fantasy adventure, a teenage boy from Venice Beach, California unexpectedly becomes heir to an awesome legacy that has lain dormant for over 3,000 years -- the power to command a fleet of magical, mythical creatures. The beach kid is thrust into a mist-shrouded lost continent when he discovers an enchanted flute that awakens the Emperor of China and an evil sorcerer from an ancient spell."[2]


Although every episode of the Chinese dub has been uploaded online through Bilibili[3], no full episodes of the original English version have ever resurfaced online. There was a complete series DVD released in the UK, but no copies have ever resurfaced. A tiny bit of what the English version's intro would've looked like is up on YouTube[4], plus a website called Cardiff Studios has 2 downloadable clips of episode 3 available on their website[5], but other than that nothing has ever resurfaced. According to said website, the show also aired in the United States in 2003, but there is currently no proof of this anywhere on the internet & no schedules having been found that show it airing on some local station at that time period.

The English dub at one point was edited into 2 compilation films, one called "Skateboy And the Amazing Panda Adventure", & "Skateboy: The Magical Musical Mystery"[6]. Then there was a third compilation film that skipped even more of the show than the other 2, called "Skateboy And the Quest For China" later on.[7]. These versions are also lost.


# Episode Title Status
1 Unknown Lost
2 Unknown Lost
3 Unknown Partially Found
4 Unknown Lost
5 Unknown Lost
6 Unknown Lost
7 Unknown Lost
8 Unknown Lost
9 Unknown Lost
10 Unknown Lost
11 Unknown Lost
12 Unknown Lost
13 Unknown Lost
14 Unknown Lost
15 Unknown Lost
16 Unknown Lost
17 Unknown Lost
18 Unknown Lost
19 Unknown Lost
20 Unknown Lost
21 Unknown Lost
22 Unknown Lost
23 Unknown Lost
24 Unknown Lost
25 Unknown Lost
26 Unknown Lost