Fraidy Cat (found animated series; 1975)

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The show's title card

Status: Found

Date found: 2005

Found by: vcrfromheck

Fraidy Cat was a 1975 Filmation cartoon. It originally premiered on ABC's Uncle Croc's Block (which had both live action and animation) along with two other cartoons, Wacky and Packy and M.U.S.H. It should not be confused with the Tom & Jerry short from 1942 or the cancelled Disney animated movie.

Hallmark Cards acquired Filmation in 1995, and they converted the original master tapes from NTSC to PAL before discarding the NTSC tapes. This conversion pitched the videos up by a half-step. After a massive shuffling of rights, the Filmation library is now the property of NBC Universal under DreamWorks Classics.

Fraidy Cat, or at least some of its episodes, may have lapsed into the Public Domain, possibly because Filmation forgot to publish the cartoons with a copyright notice. The musical cues were still under copyright in 2004 (administered by Warner-Chappell Music), as is Uncle Croc (which actually displayed a copyright notice for Filmation). As such, the copyright for both will expire at the end of 2070.


As of May 2019, the entire series has been found so far. Here is a list of the episodes that were created.

A Tumblr user found a few home video releases which contain the ten found episodes (and possibly the missing ones).

At one point, a user named Dark_Timur claimed to have found two episodes (Puss N Boots and Double Trouble), but it turns out that the former is a Looney Tunes short, while the other is a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Episode Availability Contributors Links Extra notes
Choo Choo Fraidy Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
Cupid the Cat Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
Feline Fortune Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
Love is a Many Feathered Thing Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
Magic Numbers Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
Meaner Than a Junkyard Cat Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
Over the Wall Haivng a Ball Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
The Not-So-Nice Mice Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
This Cat for Hire Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck an alternative name is "The Cat for Hire"
Lollipop Burglar Found vcrfromheck vcrfromheck
Puss N Boots Scrapped
A Scardey Fraidy Scrapped
A Small Star is Born Scrapped
Fraidy Gone Fishing Scrapped
Fraidy Come Home Scrapped
Double Trouble Scrapped
Unlucky Fraidy Scrapped
Culture Schlock Scrapped unlike the other episodes, this one is from 1976

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