Freaky (found New Zealand horror/sci-fi TV series; 2003)

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Freaky logo.jpeg

Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 14 Mar 2016

Found by: goldenmolars

Freaky is a horror/sci-fi TV show made by Avalon Productions that was broadcast in New Zealand and Australia from 2004-2010. The show featured children ending up in very strange scenarios and being placed in situations facing aliens, supernatural forces, and strange phenomena.[1]

According to many Internet users, the show was very disturbing and gave a lot of young viewers nightmares. Some episodes featured graphic content involving children getting their faces eaten, dying and even being eaten by sharks. Given that horror, it's a miracle this show even aired.

Freaky was not released on home video anywhere and thus only shown on television, making it a very rare program to find. As of 2015, only two clips of the show had surfaced online.

On March 14th, 2016, all episodes of Freaky were uploaded by Redditor goldenmolars onto MEGA.

List of Episodes

# Episode Title Status
1 Slide Found
2 Lab Rats Found
3 Radio Found
4 Fridge Found
5 Cleaner Found
6 Sister Found
7 Mirror Found
8 Hitcher Found
9 Sitcom Found
10 Family Found
11 Copier Found
12 Costume Found
13 Mail Found
14 House Found
15 Principal Found
16 Graveyard Found
17 Tent Found
18 Dice Found
19 Homework Found
20 Dummy Found
21 Ghost Found
22 Photobooth Found
23 Babysitter Found
24 Freak Found
25 Trolley Found
26 Swing Found
27 Braces Found
28 Bullies Found
29 Camp Found
30 Dog Found
31 Fort Found
32 Photo Found
33 Pioneer Found
34 Track Found
35 Gameshow Found
36 Fame Found
37 Future Found
38 Teacher Found
39 Elevator Found



A clip from one of the episodes of Freaky.


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