Freaky Flickers: Quest for the Golden Flicker (partially found independent animated CGI film; 2009)

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Promotional image for the film.

Status: Partially Found

Freaky Flickers: Quest for the Golden Flicker, based on the Freaky Flickers toyline, was to be a CGI animated film directed, written, and animated by Cary Howe. The film detailed the adventures of Aargh the Pirate and his crew of Flickers on a quest to find the "Golden Flicker" to pay off the debt of their creator, Doc Flick.

Production began in 2005 as a possible television series but later developed into a 90-minute feature film around February 2009. Despite it being written, directed, and animated by a single person and only having a budget of about $250,000, it was recommended to be made into a theatrical feature, in which Howe was reluctant at first, but later agreed to do so, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer decided to release the film in about 2,800 theaters.

On June 9th, 2009, after Howe worked all night, he left editor David Kann with the film in his living room and went to sleep. He awoke just before 8pm to discover that the film, all film backups, and his film equipment had been stolen by his associate and creator of the original toyline, Peter Gantner.[1]

Aside from the trailers and one scene from the movie's official Flickr (one being a PSA about saving energy and recycling),[2] no footage of the movie has been released, and it's unknown what Gantner did with the stolen material.


Official first trailer for the movie.

The second trailer.

Scene three of the movie.

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