Friday the 13th Part 2 (censored scenes from horror film; 1981)

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Friday the 13th part 2 poster.jpg

The film's theatrical poster.

Status: Lost

The 1981 cult classic horror movie Friday the 13th Part 2  was submitted a total of 8 times to the MPAA, being given each time a X rating. 48 seconds of violent shots were subsequently trimmed for the theatrical release:

  • Crazy Ralph's death initially had the wire choking him to death and piercing his skin.
  • Mark's death was edited somewhat: originally, you could see Jason approaching behind him and there was a reverse camera angle showing the machete going into Mark's face.
  • The infamous impalement scene was originally shown penetrating both Jeff and Sandra (a still of this scene was published in Fangoria before the movie was released and later reused as a picture on the back cover of a VHS release).

An additional deleted scene was also cut at the end of the movie where Pamela Voorhees's severed head opens its eyes and smiles in freeze frame before the credits roll; this was cut as the Director Steve Miner decided it lessened the movie's impact. Fans for a long time have clamored for a full uncut version release, to which Paramount have stated that they've long since disposed of the negative and is now believed to no longer exist.


The trailer containing some of the scenes.