(lost second half of the Fun Arcade; existence unconfirmed; 2005-2016)

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Funbrain Logo.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Funbrain is an educational website aimed towards children created in 1998. The website already featured a number of games to play, but in 2005, they decided to introduce the Fun Arcade. This arcade contained 25 mini-games in which the player would move a game piece along a board game as you play mini-games to progress. Upon landing on a space, the player was required to beat the mini-game to progress down the board. Completing a mini-game rewarded the player with a password to return to that space on the board.[1]

However, once reaching game #13 (Croc Hopper), the arcade machine read "Coming Soon", implying that the rest of the games would be finished later. The second half of the board was never completed and it remained that way until Funbrain's redesign removed the Fun Arcade entirely. While the first half of the fun arcade is completely accessible via the Wayback Machine, the second half of the board remains incomplete, and it's unknown if the board was ever completed beyond Mighty Guy 2.