Funky Cops (partially found 4Kids dub of French animated series; 2003-2008)

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Title screen of Funky Cops

Status: Partially Found

Funky Cops is a French animated series about two cops in San Francisco during the 1970s. In the US it was licensed by 4Kids Entertainment and aired on the Fox Box (later renamed 4Kids TV) but was cancelled quickly due to dismal ratings, becoming an online exclusive in the US. The rest of the 4Kids-dubbed series was later seen online at, but as of May 2009, it has been removed. The voice actor of Captain Dobbs used to have all the episodes that aired on Fox Box on TiVo, but it got taken away from them. The original French-English dub currently appears on Kabillion on Demand on some services, most commonly Charter, and various channels on YouTube.

Voice Cast

  • Andrew Rannells as Dick Kowalski (renamed Jack in the US dub)
  • Reginald Metcalf as Ace Anderson
  • Frederick B. Owens as Capt. Dobbs
  • Eric Stuart as Voice Director

Funky Cops 4kids English dub updated voice cast Starring F.B. Owens Andrew Rannells Raymond Ellis Featuring Madeline Blaustien Michael Alstan Bayley Kathleen Delaney Darren Dunstan John Campbell Matthew George Wayne Grayson Dan Green Denise Hill Megan Hollingshead Billie James Tara Jayne Karen Neill Lisa Ortiz Ed Paul Andrew Paull Kayzie Rogers Eric Stuart Veronica Taylor Tony Von Hoene David Wills Brian Wilson Jimmy Zoppi Ted Lewis [1]

Missing Episodes

Episode Title Status Air Date
Long Live the King Lost Sep 20, 2003
The Thief of Hearts Lost Sep 27, 2003
Funky Bankers Lost Oct 11, 2003
The End of Disco Found Oct 18, 2003
A Women Scorned Lost May 1, 2004
Cruise Control Lost May 8, 2004
The Earth Mothers Found May 15, 2004
Read My Mind Found May 29, 2004
French Disconnection Lost Jun 12, 2004
All Cars in San Francisco Lost Only Available on
Double Trouble Lost Only Available on
Dayecare Detectives Lost Only Available on
Escape from Alcatraz Lost Only Available on
Director's Cut Found (voices only) Only Available on
False Idols Lost Only Available on
Something in the Air Lost Only Available on
Back to School Lost Only Available on
Danger with the Rangers Part 1 Lost Only Available on
Danger with the Rangers Part 2 Lost Only Available on


Funky Cops FoxBox intro V1.

Funky Cops FoxBox intro V2.

Clip of Funky Cops in The Fight for FoxBox, with 4Kids voices.

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