Furby Island (lost cancelled children's animated series; 2006)

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Furby Island.png

The title screen for the animated series.

Status: Lost

Furby is an American robotic toy released by Tiger Electronics in 1998. The toy resembles an "owl" which you can interact with. More specifically, it is a combination of an owl, cat, bat, and hamster. You can feed him, you can pet him, and you can tickle him. The original version of the toy went through a period of "must have", especially on Christmas. Long lines were formed to get the toy. Production of the original toy ceased in 2002. In 2005, after a period of discontinuation, Hasbro released a second generation Furby, with a new design, improved animatronics (dubbed "Emoto-Tronic"), and limited voice recognition.

To bring publicity to the new toy, a movie was released called Furby Island about a girl called Maddie who alongside her brother and parents, explore the world looking for rare plants and animals. They soon discover Furby Island and have to protect the Furbies from being captured by the evil Doctor Conquest. The movie was a great success, and Frederator stepped up to plan a upcoming TV series by the same name.

Furby Island

Furby Island was an upcoming cancelled 2006 animated series that, according to Official Furby Wiki, was developed by Frederator Studios. It was to have 13 episodes in one season. The premise of the series would continue the story started with the 2005 film, Furby Island. Therefore, Furby Island could act as a pilot to said series.


This series was announced on Reddit by a former Frederator Studios employee. He stated that they were creating the series because the Furby Island movie was a great success, and they wanted to proceed. They showed a backdoor pilot in 2006 to Nickelodeon president Herb Scannell, and they picked up the show. However, some months later, they changed to president Cyma Zarghami, and she asked for some changes to the series. They were against this and the show pushed back, and it never got shown to the public.


Frederator, not giving up, showed the series one more time to Nick, but wasn't picked up. The only known roles of this show are:

Tara Strong as Noo Noo; aka The "Main Character and friend to Maddy."

Alyson Court as Maddy; aka The "Human Protector of the Furby Island and friend to Noo Noo."

Carlos Alazraqui as King Fulanaro; aka The "Furby King."


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