Get Him To The Greek (lost removed Katy Perry scene from comedy film; 2010)

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Get Him To The Greek Poster.jpg

The film's poster.

Status: Lost

Get Him to the Greek is a 2010 comedy film written, produced, and directed by Nicholas Stoller and distributed by Universal Studios. It's a spin-off sequel to the 2008 film Forgetting Sarah Marshall and stars Russell Brand (in a returning role) and Jonah Hill. The film is about an ambitious executive at a record label getting an assignment to escort British rock legend Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to L.A's Greek theater for a show.

While Brand was preparing to present the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, he famously met Katy Perry and discussed shooting cameos for the film along with Christina Aguilera and Pink.[1] A scene in which Katy Perry making out with Aldous Snow was filmed but, in the end, it was scrapped.


The scene was cut due to the filmmakers feeling that it made the movie "too literal" since Perry and Brand became a couple during filming.[2] After the film was released, they had a short-lived marriage that lasted for 2 years.[3]

The deleted scene hasn't been released by Universal since then.


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