Ghost Sweeper Mikami (partially found English dub of anime series; 2000s)

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Status: Partially Found

Gōsuto Suīpā Mikami, or Ghost Sweeper Mikami, is a Japanese comedic supernatural manga series written and illustrated by author Takashi Shiina. The series ran from 1991 to 1999 and was published in the weekly manga magazine Shōnen Sunday; even winning Shogakukan Manga Award for best shōnen manga.


From 1993 to 1994 the series was adapted as 45-episode anime by Toei Animation, even including the release of a full 1-hour length feature film on August 24, 1994. The film is notable for having an American English dub release by Manga Entertainment, known for dubbing anime films such as "Akira" and "Lupin III: Bye Bye Liberty in Crisis". Although, not many are fully aware of the English-language dub for the anime television series; produced in Southeast Asia and aired on Filipino channel AXN (Asia).

The dub's "supposed" existence was brought to light when a thread post[1] on the website Behind the Voice Actors was created, inquiring more information on the dub's existence. The user had provided links to a Blogspot account that mainly uploaded information/clips on Japanese anime broadcast in the Philippines, both dubbed and subbed.[2] All of the YouTube clips, however, have been taken down due to copyright claims, but the one piece of information that has been gathered of this dub's existence is that was supposedly dubbed by a dubbing company based in Hong Kong. On the previously mentioned forum, the other user confirmed that it could have been a possible product of the well known Southeast Asian dubbing company, Animax Asia (who have an office based in Hong Kong).

From 2004 to 2010, AXN (Asia) acquired and broadcasted anime programming from Animax, dubbed in the English language, so it is very likely that one of these acquired shows was Ghost Sweeper Mikami's English dub.


On August 25th, 2022, YouTube user Panel Vixen had located a tape containing various anime series airing in AXN which contained episodes of Ghost Sweeper Mikami. These were then subsequently uploaded on to MySpleen and the Intenet Archive.

As of February 2024, only two full episodes and one partially found episode has been located of Ghost Sweeper Mikami's AXN English dub.

Episodes List

# Episode Title (English Transl.) Status
1 ボディコン除霊師登場!(Here Comes the Super Sexy Exorcist!) Lost
2 強盗に明日はない! (Armed Robbers Have No Tomorrow!) Lost
3 呪いの人形帝国!! (The Empire of Haunted Dolls!!) Lost
4 宇宙ゴースト退治!! (Ghost Sweeper in Space!!) Lost
5 幽霊屋敷の遠吠え! (The Howling of the Haunted Mansion!) Lost
6 お嬢さま除霊師! (The Princess Exorcist!) Lost
7 Dr.カオスの挑戦! (Dr. Chaos' Challenge!) Lost
8 愛は時間を越えて! (Love Overcomes the Test of Time! (Part 1 of 2)) Lost
9 お願いチューして!! (Please Kiss Me!! (Part 2 of 2)) Lost
10 式神を捜せ! (Find the Shikigami!!) Lost
11 霊列車で行こう!! (Let's Take the Ghost Train!!) Lost
12 厄珍堂にご用心!? (Beware of Yakuchin-do!?) Lost
13 宿敵[ライバル]!小笠原エミ! (Rival Emi Ogasawara!) Lost
14 夏だプールだ妖怪だ (Summer! Pool! Monsters!) Lost
15 地中海に全員集合! (Assemble at the Mediterranean Sea! (Part 1 of 2)) Lost
16 吸血鬼を眠らせろ! (Put The Vampire To Sleep! (Part 2 of 2)) Lost
17 夏の海は誘惑だらけ (Temptations on the Summer Beach) Lost
18 縮みゆく美神!! (Shrinking Mikami!!) Lost
19 幽霊潜水艦を追え! (Chase the Ghost Submarine!) Lost
20 極楽スマッシュ!! (Heavenly Smash!) Lost
21 みんな子供になれ!! (Everyone, Turn Into A Kid!! (Part 1 of 2)) Found
22 悪魔パイパーの逆襲 (Devil Piper's Revenge (Part 2 of 2))) Lost
23 ドラゴンへの道!! (The Path to the Dragon!! (Part 1 of 2)) Lost
24 ドラゴン怒りの暴走 (Runaway Dragon in a Rage (Part 2 of 2)) Lost
25 ヤマタイ国のヒミコ (Himiko of the Yamatai Kingdom) Lost
26 勇者・美神の冒険! (The Adventure of Heroine Mikami) Lost
27 マリア純情一直線! (Pure-Hearted Maria in Love!) Partially Found
28 ドラゴンの王子!! (Dragon Prince!! (Part 1 of 2)) Lost
29 ドラゴン危機一髪!! (Dragon in Imminent Danger!! (Part 2 of 2)) Lost
30 妖刀シメサバ丸見参 (Here Comes the Devilish Sword Shimesaba-Maru!) Lost
31 空とぶ魔法のホウキ(Flying Magic Broom) Lost
32 令子・結婚します!? (I, Reiko, Will Marry You!?) Lost
33 マネキン人形が招く(Mannequins Are Calling You) Lost
34 妖怪ハイスクール (Ghostly High School) Lost
35 サンタの贈りもの! (The Santa Claus' Gift) Lost
36 おキヌのクリスマス (Okinu's Christmas) Lost
37 バトル謹賀新年!! (The Battle Of The New Year) Lost
38 受験生ブルース (The College Examinee's Blues) Lost
39 マリアの妹 (Maria's Sister (Part 1 of 2)) Lost
40 マリアとテレサ (Maria and Teresa (Part 2 of 2)) Lost
41 熱闘!雪の女王 (The Fierce Battle with The Snow Queen!) Lost
42 チョコあげます!! (Here's My Chocolate!!) Found
43 夢の中へ! (Into The Dream! (Part 1 of 2)) Lost
44 地獄のナイトメア (The Hellish Nightmare (Part 2 of 2)) Lost
45 GS[ゴーストスイーパー]より愛をこめて (With Love From Ghost Sweepers) Lost


Ghost Sweeper Mikami English opening TV edit by Charles Loftus.

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