Girl TV (partially found Australian teen TV show; 2003-2005)

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Girl TV.jpg

A still from Girl TV.

Status: Partially Found

Girl TV was an Australian teen TV show aired on the Australian Seven Network from 2003-2005. The show consisted of 4 hosts (Simone Nalder, Chrissie Rose, Casey Burgess and Juliette Harkness) who ran segments and interviews on various topics and people all relating to a "girl power" message, sometimes incorporating a musical number performed by the hosts.

Very little information is actually known about the show. Girl TV does appear on the home page of Seven Network's former website under the "Seven shows" drop-down list but it's own web-page has been lost to time.[1] Girl TV also had it's own webpage on the Australian magazine Total Girl[2] and it's own gif on Total Girls home page[3] but Girl TVs relation to Total Girl is currently (as of April 26th, 2020) unknown.


Currently (as of April 26th, 2020) only one full episode has surfaced online from a VHS recording by YouTuber "MrSimplesimon1987".[4] The exact episode number and premiere date is unknown but according to "MrSimplesimon1987" the VHS was dated 2007 which means that there's a possibility of Channel Seven airing reruns of the show after it ended.

Three interviews (Human Nature,[5] Indiana Evans[6] and Laura Imbruglia)[7] from Girl TV has surfaced as well.

A segment and interview with former Bardot member and dance instructor Sally Polihronas has also surfaced.[8]

Several video stills from the show have surfaced on a Girl TV fan site.[9][10][11]

It is currently (as of May 17th, 2020) unknown how many episodes were produced.


Full episode of the show.

Laura Imbruglia performance and interview.

Human Nature interview.

Segment with Sally Polihronas.

Indiana Evans interview.

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