Glory Days (partially found Brad Pitt TV series; 1990)

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Glory Days.jpg

A publicity photo of the show's four stars

Status: Partially Found

Glory Days was a short-lived television series that aired on the Fox channel in the United States in 1990. The series was produced by Patrick Hasburgh (21 Jump Street) and is notable for starring a pre-fame, Brad Pitt. When the show premiered on Fox, it was immediately cancelled due to terrible ratings.[1]


Walker Lovejoy (Brad Pitt), Peter Trigg (Nicholas Kallsen), Dominic Fopiano (Evan Mirand), and Dave Rutecki (Spike Alexander) were best friends in high school, but they have since started going their separate ways. Walker becomes a journalist, Dave a cop, and Dominic a college student, but Peter still hasn't decided. They live through many adventures, more or less together, and manage to stay friends even when their professional interests collide.[2]


The series only had six episodes to ever air and is nearly impossible to find online because another short-lived television show, also titled Glory Days, aired on the WB in 2002. Only a few promos and an intro exist on YouTube.


No. Title Status
1 "The Kids Are Allright" Lost
2 "Blastin' the Blues Away" Lost
3 "Whattya Wanna Do Tonight?" Lost
4 "Trigg's Mistaken Identity Crisis" Lost
5 "Tammy Tell Me True" Lost
6 "Precursed" Lost


A series promo for Glory Days, alongside another for Molloy.

Another series promo for Glory Days.

The intro to Glory Days.


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