Goodwill (found locally produced stop-motion Halloween commercial from thrift store; 2002-2010)

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Goodwill Halloween Commercial.png

A screenshot of the commercial.

Status: Found

Date found: 11 Oct 2021

Found by: rmila504

From 2002-2010, Goodwill aired a stop-motion Halloween commercial in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It wouldn't be known until a user started a search to find this commercial.


On May 17th, 2021, user darrenl posted on the lost media forums about a goodwill commercial he has been searching for, quote:

Hello, all.

I am writing this with the hope that you can help me solve a mystery. I am trying to track down a brilliantly atmospheric Goodwill Halloween commercial from the 2000s. Locating this elusive piece of media would mean a lot to my wife and me.

I am reaching out here because I've had no success tracking this down via other means. I've contacted Goodwill, both locally and nationally, and I've reached out to the local TV stations this would've aired on without success. I've also been watching tons of commercial blocks on YouTube without any luck. So I've decided it is time to reach out here, to the people who know these pursuits better than me. Any help you are able to provide would be humbly appreciated.[1]

In the post, he gives off details about the commercial from memory from the commercial was stop motion, it features little witches and mummies marching, and the music was dramatic and spooky.

The post started a small search to find the commercial, mostly started off with looking at commercial compilation to see if they have the commercial to making posts on /r/lostmedia, /r/Wisconsin, and /r/VHS which helped give a more look into where the commercial aired. From the /r/lostmedia post, users claimed to see this commercial from LaCrosse and Wausau, believing that this commercial aired across the entire middle of the state.[2] Furthermore, with watching numerous commercials, it came to believe that this commercial was locally produced than being a national commercial.

On May 27th, 2021, reddit users with advertising experiences told darrenl that the commercial was made by Frank L. Anderson who is a writer, producer, and artist from Appleton. Frank had also done commercial work from Milwaukee and Green Bay for a number of years. Darren then contacted Frank and confirmed that he did create the commercial at his studio in Milwaukee. Frank stated that he doesn't have a copy anymore and if he did, he would've sent it to Darren.


On October 11th, 2021, u/rmila504 found an old VHS tape of the commercial, he and his brother converted it to a digital format and sent a link to one of Darren's Reddit posts. Darren then confirmed that this was the commercial he was looking for, rendering it found.[3]


the full commercial.