GouvHD (partially found privated videos of French YouTube channel; 2015-2020)

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GouvHD's original profile picture

Status: Partially found

GouvHD is a French-Russian YouTuber who created a channel of the same name talking about marketed food products, why they are successful or unsuccessful, and doing some blind tests between similar food brands. Despite their acclaim, many of those videos have been deleted or privated.

Channel retool

Around 2020, he suddenly privated/deleted all his food-related videos on his channel, and repurposed it into a channel about Russia-related topics. While some fans welcomed the new theme, many were left confused and understandably frustrated why he removed the content that made him popular.

Later that year, GouvHD opened a new channel called Gouv720p (later retitled "GouvHD", while the original channel got renamed "PourquoiEnRussie" which means "WhyInRussia") where he slowly reuploaded some of his old food videos. However, some of them are still missing, and some that were already reuploaded have gotten privated.

When GouvHD himself adressed the question of why he didn't just create a new channel for his Russia videos, he brushed it off. The reason still remains a mystery.

In 2022, ironically, GouvHD privated almost all of his videos on his now-retitled "PourquoiEnRussie" channel, leaving only a series of videos telling the fall of the USSR. It is likely this decision was influenced by Russia invading Ukraine in February 2022. On a side note, GouvHD didn't communicate for many months after the war began, which led to many fans worry about his safety. However, he released a new video (now deleted but mirrored) where he talked about the war.

List of lost videos

French title Translated title Status
Je bois un Coca de 107 ans + Dépistage I drink a 107-year-old Coke + Health screening Lost
Comment Pepsi a réinventé les "placement produit" How Pepsi reinvented "product placements" Found
Première dose gratos : la méthode RedBull First drink is free: the RedBull method Lost
Commander une pizza en dropshipping Order a pizza through dropship Lost
Comment Nespresso a rendu son café "stylé" How Nespresso made its coffee "cool" Lost
Je goûte un coca américain âgé de 26 ans I taste a 26-year-old American Coke Lost
La "Lorina" artisanale face aux limonades industrielles Handmade "Lorina" facing industrial lemonades Lost
Un petit café ? A little coffee? Lost
J'ingurgite tous les KINDER de France (même le XXL) I gobble up all the KINDERs of France (including the XXL-size one) Lost
J'ai acheté un Coca vieux de 31 ans à un collectionneur I've bought a 31-year-old Coke from a collector Found
Coca ZERO ou Original ? La décision finale Coke ZERO or Original? The final decision Lost
Le Coca est-il le même en canette et en bouteille ? Is Coke the same in cans or bottles? Lost
J'ouvre un Coca vieux de 39 ans fabriqué en Inde I open a 39-year-old Coke made in India Lost
Tous les types de jus d'orange All kinds of orange juice Lost
Le plagiat de Monster Energy par LIDL LIDL's Monster Energy knockoff Lost
Chips discount et de luxe... Viennent de la même pomme de terre Discount and deluxe potato chips... come from the same potato Lost
Pourquoi toutes les coquillettes ont un prix différent Why do all pasta shells have a different price Lost
J'en ai marre des food box asiatiques et tout I am sick of Asian food boxes and everything Lost
Le faux "jus" d'orange meilleur que le vrai ? Fake orange "juice" better than the real one? Lost
Biscuits Prince de LU Un succès mondial Prince of LU Biscuits, a worldwide success Lost
Ces produits qui ont grave cartonné Those products that had a smashing success Lost
Tacos ou Kebab la décision finale Tacos or Kebab the final decision Lost
Le menu de la cantine en 2050 School cafeteria's menu in 2050 Lost
la conserve de grosse saucisse (taille XXL) vendue par "ALDI" (XXL sized) canned sausage sold by ALDI Lost
je goûte un coca américain âgé de 26 ans i taste a 26 years old American Coke Lost
Blindtest Redbull VS le reste des marques Blind taste test Redbull VS other brands Lost
DÉCOUVERTE - Le kebab à 0,99 centimes ! DISCOVERY - Kebab at 99 cents! Lost
DÉCOUVERTE - Le coca moins cher que l'eau ! DISCOVERY - Coke cheaper than water! Lost
MANGER POUR 5€ - Repas complet chez Burger King ! EAT FOR 5€ - A full meal at Burger King! Lost
MANGER POUR 5€ - Repas complet au McDonald's EAT FOR 5€ - A full meal at McDonald's Lost
MANGER POUR 5€ - Repas complet au KFC ! EAT FOR 5€ - A full meal at KFC! Lost
MANGER POUR 5€ - Repas complet chez Quick ! EAT FOR 5€ - A full meal at Quick! Lost
Bonjour abat jour c'est GouvHD ! Hello lampshade, it's GouvHD ! Lost
Quand ton pays t’oublie dans l’espace. When your country forgets you in space. Lost

GouvHD also did several livestreams that are almost completely lost.

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