Grandma, Look What I Found (found Canadian live-action children's series; 2003)

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Look what i found1.jpg

Grandma Ella (Phyllis Walker) sitting next to Terell Francis-Clarke (himself).

Status: Found

Date found: 29 Nov 2020

Found by: KappaMcFanBoi

Grandma, Look What I Found is a Canadian live-action children's television series that aired on Treehouse TV in five-minute shorts between episodes. The show featured two main characters; Terell Francis-Clarke (himself), who would usually find an item lying around, and Grandma Ella (Phyllis Walker), who would tell a story centred around the item that Terell presented. The show would end with Terell cheerfully saying during the credits "Grandma Ella and me, Terell, head back to the house for tea. It's time for us to go as well, but we'll be back, you'll see!"

The show was produced by RedCap Productions and Chip Taylor Communications, distributed by Catalyst Distribution Inc., and released by CCI Releasing Inc. Though the series was aired in five-minute segments on Treehouse TV, it was originally made in five different half-hour compilations of 7-9 stories. These compilations titled Animal Stories, Insect Stories, Outside Stories, Toys, and Curiosities Stories and Tree Stories all had a very limited release on DVD.[1][2]

Phyllis Walker and the series were praised by the Canadian black community, and she became well-known for her role as Grandma Ella. She remained as a public advocate, especially during Black History Month, up until her passing on May 30th, 2017.[3][4]


As of November 29th, 2020, the entire series is available for viewing on the Internet Archive.


The credits for Grandma, Look What I Found.