Grandpa Goes to Washington (partially found NBC comedy-drama series; 1978-1979)

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A screenshot from the series, possibly from an advert.

Status: Partially Found

Grandpa Goes to Washington was a short-lived American comedy-drama that ran from 1978-1979 with eleven episodes in total airing. Airing on NBC on Thursday nights, the series revolves around a retired political science college professor who is forced to retire and then gets elected to the U.S. Senate. After getting mostly mixed reviews, Grandpa Goes to Washington was cancelled with no episodes re-airing since nor has the show been released on home media.[1]


In Grandpa Goes to Washington political science college professor Joe Kelley (Jack Albertson) is forced to retire as he has reached 66 years old. This gives Joe Kelley the idea to run for U.S. Senate despite having no political experience. A scandal plagues his opponent's reputation which causes Joe Kelley to get elected to U.S. Senate. As Joe Kelley moves down to Washington D.C. to start his Senate career, he moves in with his son Air Force General Kevin Kelley (Larry Linville) and his family.[2]


Given its mixed reception, no re-runs for Grandpa Goes to Washington has aired since the show's conclusion in January of 1979. As of the writing of this article, only a handful of behind-the-scenes photos and a promotional commercial for the show have surfaced.


  • Jack Albertson as Senator Joe Kelley
  • Larry Linville as Major General Kevin Kelley (Joe's Son, a two-star general at the Pentagon)
  • Sue Ane Langdon as Rosie Kelley (Kevin's wife, a health-food fanatic)
  • Michele Tobin as Kathleen Kelley (Kevin & Rosie's daughter)
  • Sparky Marcus as Kevin Kelley, Jr (Kevin & Rosie's son)
  • Madge Sinclair as Madge (Joe's secretary)

Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Status
1 Pilot Senator Joe Kelley looks for an apartment for himself but winds up staying with his son, Kevin

and his family in the spare room above the garage.

2 Birthday Party Tax-conscious Joe Kelley attacks a $27,000 birthday party for the President's daughter. Senator Stuart. Lost
3 Kelley Inherits Tony Sen. Kelley defends a civil servant (Patricia Conwell) fired for living with her boy friend. Lost
4 Kelley at Bat Joe Kelley goes to bat for Kevin Jr.'s baseball team after a developer retracts his offer of a playing field. Lost
5 Kelley's Best Friend Unknown Lost
6 The Senator's Window Politics help motivate Kelley to show the ropes to a new colleague, a widow (Teresa Wright) appointed to fill out her husband's term. Senator Peck. Lost
7 The Leak Mention of a potentially lethal car defect is deliberately left out of a report to Kelley's transportation committee. Lost
8 A Star is Dead Red tape entangles Kelley's staff when they try to restore benefits to a woman (Jeanette Nolan) mistakenly declared dead. Lost
9 The Red Hot Gift A gift Rolls-Royce in the Kelleys' driveway appears to be a bribe. Lost
10 Grace Sen. Joe Kelley is absorbed in a fight to defeat a bill when an old friend comes to visit. Lost
11 The Union Boys Sen. Joe Kelley tries to rid a union of a corrupt boss. Lost



A advert for episode 4.

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