Guitar Hero (lost original beta build/unused beta elements of PlayStation 2 rhythm game; 2005)

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Guitar Hero ps2.JPG

Cover of the game.

Status: Lost

In 2005, the first Guitar Hero game was released for the PlayStation 2. Critics gave it overwhelmingly positive scores, and for a point in time, it was the best selling PlayStation 2 game. (Although eventually that title was taken by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.) However, the original beta build of Guitar Hero was completely different from the final build. The beta remained in obscurity until a video of it was posted in 2007.


Interesting differences in the video include:

  • The colors of the frets are the colors of the rainbow, with the exception of indigo and violet.
  • The song "Spanish Castle Magic" was going to have vocals, as seen in the video.
  • There is no hammer on or pull-offs.
  • The graphics and animations are different.
  • The score gets built up in sections and then added to the current score, similar to the game Karaoke Revolution.
  • There is no star power bar in the beta.


The only evidence for this build existing was the 1 minute and 28-second video showing "Spanish Castle Magic" with vocals. The beta build has not resurfaced anywhere, and there are no other screenshots or videos.


The video of the beta build.