Habbo Hotel (lost Nokia mobile games based on social network service; 2005-2007)

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Puzzle Pipes, one of the lost arcade games.

Status: Lost

Between 2005 and 2007 Sulake (the company responsible for the MMO game known as Habbo Hotel) released five mobile games based on Habbo Hotel for Nokia, these being: Habbo Dreams, Puzzle Pipes, Duck-Up, Space Pool and Habbo Creatures. There are a few gameplay videos of the games on youtube and all of them come from a channel by the name of "Teodornittennitti" and were posted in 2012. Puzzle Pipes and Space Pool have only gifs presenting few screenshots of the games, with no gameplay available whatsoever.[1]

There's a download page for Habbo Dreams on a website for mobile games, music and screenshots called Phoneky.[2] Even though it's totally possible to download the file of the game, it's not known if the game would work. If so, it would be the only one of the five games being found and available.


Gameplay of Habbo Dreams.

Gameplay of Habbo Creatures.

Gameplay of Duck-Up.

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