Halo: Combat Evolved (lost build of cancelled PlayStation 2 port of Xbox first-person shooter; 2001)

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A fan's interpretation of what the game's cover could've looked like.

Status: Lost

Halo: Combat Evolved is a first-person shooter developed by Bungie, inc and released as a launch title for Microsoft's Xbox console on November 15th, 2001. The game was a success all around, selling five million copies in four years, and receiving massive critical acclaim all over. The game (as well as its four sequels) were all exclusive to Microsoft hardware, due to Microsoft purchasing Bungie and owning the rights to the Halo IP from there on out.[1] This purchase occurred midway through development of the first game however, with Bungie originally intending for the game to be a multiplatform release. This included a PlayStation 2 port.

A build of the game had been developed for the PlayStation 2 by Bungie, with game publisher Rockstar originally holding the console rights to the game[2], but due to Microsoft's acquisition of Bungie in 2000, the port never saw the light of day. All that has resurfaced of this port of the game is roughly four minutes worth of footage uploaded by IGN taken from gaming website GameStar's German decision. Other than this footage, nothing has resurfaced from this version, and due to Halo's still rampant popularity and marketability, is unlikely to anytime soon.


Only existing gameplay footage of the PlayStation 2 port.

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