Halyx (lost album of Disney rock band; 1980s)

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Illustration of the band Halyx

Status: Lost

Halyx was a rock band created by Walt Disney Records (a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company) In the early 1980s, inspired by the popularity of Star Wars.

The band played frequently at Disneyland and in the Los Angeles club scene. Bambi Moe (former A&R rep for Disneyland Records) states in Mouse Tracks:

They were fun. Lora’s husband Tom was the keyboardist, and his keyboard was built into a golf cart he drove around on stage as the headlights flashed up into the audience. Roger Freeland, who was over six feet tall, wore a Wookie-like costume and wildly played bass. Tony Caputo, the percussionist, had a gymnastic rope so he could do somersaults and things. And Bruce Gowdy was the handsome leading man, sort of a space-age rock-and-roll guitarist to our Princess Leia type, who was Lora. The response of the Disneyland crowd was so phenomenal, it was causing the park a problem because they did not want people to get up and dance—it wasn’t really allowed! Their sound was of the time, the sort of legitimate pop rock you would have heard on the radio, along the lines of Kim Carnes and Blondie.

This article where most of the info comes from, also mentions that “Due to various changes with their recording company, Halyx was eventually dropped from the Elektra/Asylum/Warner Brothers label before their first recording could be released”.

It's not completely clear whether this album was merely planned or actually completed by the time the band was dropped, but it seems likely that at least demo recordings of it would have existed.

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