Happening '68 (partially found music TV show; 1968-1969)

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Status: Partially Found

Happening '68 (later known as Happening '69 and simply Happening) was a rock and roll variety show that was produced by Dick Clark Productions and aired on ABC. It premiered on January 6, 1968 and was canceled in October 1969.

The show was co-hosted by Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere. Their band Paul Revere and the Raiders would make frequent appearances. Guest performers would lip-synch their latest releases, and band contests were held with celebrity judges.

Most of the series is currently lost, though 12 episodes have been making the rounds as bootlegs. They can be found as a three-volume set of DVD-Rs from various unofficial sources.[1] It's only a small fraction of the series, which ran for 76 episodes.


The February 3, 1968 episode.

The Monkees guest star in the March 22, 1969 episode

An amateur band contest on "Happening '68".

Etta James singing "Tell Mama" in the February 17, 1968 episode.

Bill Medley singing "That Old Sun" in a March 1968 episode.

The Heart Beats singing "Time Won't Let Me" in the September 7, 1968 episode.

Paul Revere & the Raiders performing "Too Much Talk" on the show.


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