Hats (lost unreleased songs from The Blue Nile album; 1984-1989)

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Album cover.

Status: Lost

The Blue Nile are a Scottish musical group. Hats was The Blue Nile's second album, often regarded as their best. The album had a troubled, particularly lengthy production that lasted 5 years. Released in 1989 to nearly-unanimous praise, the band would never match this album's quality.

Given that the album took 5 years to finish, it may come as little surprise that it had many Unfinished Tracks reportedly an entire album's worth. Many of the unfinished and scrapped tracks either came from the band not having enough ideas to expand a song or they simply didn't feel that it was good enough for the album.

The original unreleased tracks have never surfaced, and Paul Buchanan has never elaborated on what became of them. When the album was remastered and re-released in 2012, many fans anticipated the second disc containing the missing tracks, but it didn't. Almost nothing is known about any of the scrapped songs.