Haushalts Hilfe/Best Of Haushaltshilfe (partially found European TV program; 1995-1996)

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Haushalts Hilfe title card.

Status: Partially Found

Haushalts Hilfe, also known as Best Of Haushaltshilfe, was a program that was broadcast in Europe on Viva II between 1995 and 1996.

Very little is known about the program, which broadcasted on the early line-up of Viva Zwei (then known as Viva II). Viva II wasn't very popular at the time, which is likely why so little footage is available. The program is believed to have aired as part of Viva II's line-up until the re-branding to the name Viva Zwei in 1996. On a forum centered around channels such as Viva Zwei, one user mentioned a program that had been broadcast on the channel called Best Of Haushaltshilfe. Since other series on Viva II/Viva Zwei have had "Best of" programs, it's fully possible that this too had one.

Not only is there little footage of either show, but there's also little information about the show in general. In fact, the only real proof of this show existing at all is a clip of the intro from a Viva II showreel (uploaded to YouTube by "MotionGraphicsDude" on February 9th, 2009) and an image of the show's title card.


Intro to Haushalts Hilfe (starts at 1:30).