High Performance (found ABC action series; 1983-1984)

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High Performance Still.jpg

A still of the cast.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Feb 2021

Found by: Halofan

High Performance is an action series that aired on ABC in the spring of 1983. The show premiered on March 2nd and was on the air for three more episodes until March 23rd.


Brennan Flannery (Mitchell Ryan), a former racecar driver, is approached by former military-intelligence officer Blue Stratton (Jack Scalia) to have him expand his driving school to include a bodyguard business. They are then joined by Brennan's daughter Kate (Lisa Hartman), a survival expert, and Shane Adams (Rick Edwards), an aspiring racecar driver, and go out on missions to protect the world from no good or disaster.


The show has never been re-aired since its initial airing. Originally, only several promos, a video featuring the series's theme song, a second draft script of the final episode[1], and few publicity stills have resurfaced. In May 2020, the first episode (albeit without the intro and outro) was uploaded on the Internet Archive by FlemishDog, sourced from an Australian broadcast on Nine Network in November 1984.

On February 17th, 2021, user "Halofan" recovered the whole show from a private torrent tracker.[2]

Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Status
1 Along Came a Spider (unknown) Found
2 Ice on the Road The unit protects a shipment of crown jewels being sold to finance a Central American country's battle with rebel forces. Found
3 Juggernaut A TV-news executive hires the team to rescue his reporter, whose cover was blown after he infiltrated a survivalist group stockpiling illegal weapons. Found
4 Deadly Performance Terrorists enroll in the Flannery School to learn how to breach an elaborate industrial-security system guarding bacterial weapons. Found

Plot synopses taken from TV Guide[3]


The theme song of the series, edited with scenes from the show and other movies.

Promo for the premiere of the series.

Another promo for the premiere of the series, along with promos for The Fall Guy and Dynasty.

Promo for the final episode of the series, along with promos for The Fall Guy and Dynasty.

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