Hot Wheels: Velocity X (lost early builds & behind the scenes videos from multi-platform racing game; 2002)

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Ps2 hot wheels velocity x-110214.jpg

Hot Wheels: Velocity X PlayStation 2 box art.

Status: Lost

Hot Wheels: Velocity X is a racing video game developed and published by Beyond Games and THQ. The game was released in the fall of 2002 for PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC, and Game Boy Advance. The game is based on the Hot Wheels toy line and features models previously sold in stores.


In 2002, THQ came to IGN and showed off their new and upcoming racing game in its pre-alpha state.[1][2][3] The game's beta is very different from its final release. Many screenshots exist of the beta version and the only videos of the beta were posted to YouTube by IGN in May of 2011, although footage of the beta dates back to January of 2002.[4]

The beta has many differences compared to the final version including:

  • When a stunt is performed, it would say "You’ve been Darylized!".
  • The arrow pointing to the destination is red instead of blue or yellow in the final version. The overall HUD is different.
  • The soundtrack is near if not completely different.
  • Parts of levels are completely different compared to the final version such as different roads and obstacles.
  • The startup screen featured the main character Max Justice saying “Hot Wheels Velocity X” which is not in the final version.
  • The build has its own "Stunt Mode" which was made compatible with multiplayer. This mode was completely cut from the final game.
  • The beta has 3 known cars cut from the final game, those 3 being "Sling Shot', "Purple Passion", and "Sweet 16 II".

Unsurfaced "Behind The Scenes" Video

In 2002, shortly after Hot Wheels: Velocity X released, Beyond Games posted a video to their website titled Behind The Scenes. This video was one of 5 videos for the game posted on the Beyond Games website. 4 of the 5 videos have been posted to YouTube, those being "Opening Movie", "Opening Movie Part 2", "Opening Movie Part 3", and "30-Second Promo". Unfortunately, the original site and page was taken down in 2008, but can be accessed through the Wayback Machine. The fifth video "Behind The Scenes" cannot be downloaded through any archive site. Clark Stacey, Vice President of Beyond Games, uploaded b-roll footage of the "Behind The Scenes" video to YouTube in 2015. The original video however has yet to resurface.



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