Humrush & Who Me? (found samples taken from Bert and Ernie "Sesame Street" sketch for "Mr. Hood" album singles; 1970-1991)

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Mockup image of KMD's 1991 album cover for Mr. Hood with Bert and Ernie, representing the mystery sample and the album.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 May 2020

Found by: foreal1992

In 1991, the rap group KMD released the album Mr. Hood on Elektra records. The album was critically acclaimed for its fun sound and amazing use of various different sources for samples. The album was also the first full length rapping debut from future underground hip hop legend MF DOOM who then went under the name Zev Love X. The album spawned the single "Who Me?" with the b-side "Humrush". These songs are notable for the fact that they spawned from samples of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. In fact, the entire backing track from "Humrush" is spawned from a sample of Bert humming and playing piano. Although the Mr. Hood album and singles both came out in 1991, nobody has been able to find the samples of the original Bert and Ernie sketch.

The Samples

There have been three occurrences of Bert and Ernie samples on KMD's recordings which are thought to be from the same original Bert and Ernie sketch source. "Humrush" is the most well known and prominent usage of the Bert and Ernie sample. The following is the dialogue taken from the album/single version of "Humrush" at the very beginning of the song:

Ernie: Bert, is that you?

Bert: Ahh, an empty place. Oh I love it! A perfect place to practice the exciting art of humming!

Ernie: Bert?

Bert: *clears throat* *humming continues throughout song*

The next dialogue is taken from the instrumental version of the single "Who Me?". This piece of dialogue is only available on the instrumental version of the song which appears on the 1991 single for "Who Me", it does not appear on the vocal version or album version. The dialogue appears at 2:39:

Ernie: You don't say?

Bert: No, I won't say. Instead, I'll ask the kids out there to find...

The final version of the Bert and Ernie samples appears on the vocal version of "Who Me? (With an Answer from Dr. Bert)" taken from the Mr. Hood album and "Who Me?". The Dr. Bert in the track is a reference to Bert being sampled on the song. The dialogue begins at 2:37 and consists of an exchange of dialogue between Zev Love X, Bert, Ernie, and a sample taken from Peter Pan Records' Little Brave Sambo:

Zev Love X: Yo! Bert!

Bert: Uh, what is it?

Zev Love X: Yo G, they wanna call me all these names.

Bert: Aha, I know what we can do.

Zev Love X: What can we do?

Bert: We'll ask someone out there to find–

Peter Pan Records' Little Brave Sambo Sample: Little Sambo.

Zev Love X: What you be meanin', G?

Bert: Okay, pick up a crayon.

Grover: Who me?

Bert: No, them.

Grover: Oh.

Zev Love X: Us?

Bert: Yes. Kids, pick up a crayon, look for–

Peter Pan Records' Little Brave Sambo Sample: Little Sambo.

Bert: When you find him, draw a circle around him.

Zev Love X: Yo Bert, you gets props, G.

Bert: *laughs*

Additional Information

The song "Humrush" was produced by members of the hip hop production group the Stimulated Dummies aka the SD50's. They consist of Dante Ross, Geeby Dajani, John Gamble. The song "Who Me?" was produced by members of KMD. They consisted at the time of Zev Love X (Daniel Dumile Thompson), DJ Subroc (Dingilizwe Dumile), and Onyx The Birthstone Kid (Alonzo Hodge). DJ Subroc tragically passed away by the time KMD's second album Black Bastards came out. Onyx was also no longer a member of the group by the time Black Bastards came out.

The Search

The search effort for the group was led and originated by members of the Sample Spotters group on Facebook when a thread for the search for the sample for "Humrush" was created on June 16th, 2017. The thread has spawned over 300 replies to date talking about the sample. One big point of discussions has been whether the sample is originated from a Vinyl record or a home video recording. It is noted that KMD and MF DOOM later on have sampled both kinds of media for their music. KMD even sampled a confirmed Sesame Street record on the same Mr. Hood album for the song "Trial N' Error", which consists of a sample of the album Big Bird Sings. Dante Ross has been contacted by a member of the group. He has confirmed that the original source of the Bert and Ernie samples is from a vinyl record but could not recall which one. In addition, MF DOOM's brother has also been contacted by members of the group and he has confirmed that he had used a record as well, which he could not recall. Other members of KMD and SD50s have not been possible to contact for additional information.

On May 15th, 2020, Muppet Wiki user "MuppetDude", revealed that the songs sampled a cassette tape that came with the book Shapes & Colors: Ernie's Favorites! The cassette was currently not available online then.

On May 25th, 2020, YouTube user foreal1992 uploaded both sides of the cassette tape onto his channel.


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