Il Mostro di Frankenstein (lost silent horror film; 1920)

Il Mostro di Frankenstein
Umberto Guarracino as the Monster.
Umberto Guarracino as the Monster.
Status Lost

Il Mostro di Frankenstein (Frankenstein's Monster) was the third (known) film adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel, released in Italy in 1920.[1] The film was directed by Eugenio Testa; it starred Luciano Albertini as Dr. Frankenstein and strongman Umberto Guarracino as Frankenstein's Monster.

Several pamphlets and posters remain from the 1920s, mentioning the movie. It was screened at locations as far as Belgium and Egypt. A French-language version of the film was also released, called Le Monstre (The Monster) or Le Monstre de Frankenstein (the original title, in French).

No copies in any language are known to exist. Even at the time of its existence, many of its scenes were deleted by censors, with one version reportedly being cut down to 39 minutes.


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