Il Trenino nel Pianeta Favola (partially lost various dubs for Italian animated film; 1980-1985)

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A poster for the movie.

Partially Lost (English)
Partially Found (Italian, original audio)

Date found: 22 Aug 2016 (English)

Found by: John (English)

Il Trenino nel Pianeta Favola is an Italian children's film released in 1980 that was produced and distributed by URBS Film. It was adapted from an Italian television series that aired on RAI from 1978 to 1981 that was titled Il Trenino (which is also lost).


In 1985, Harmony Gold dubbed this movie into English under the name The Little Train and it was aired on American Broadcasting Corporation that year. The dub was released on VHS in the United Kingdom twice, once as part of the "Kids Cartoon Collection" line (albeit with a breakbumper and scene missing from the film) and again by MasterVision.

The English dub itself was dubbed into Italian and released onto two VHS tapes titled Il Trenino delle Favole.


The English dub was first made available on the Internet on August 22nd, 2016, when YouTube user John uploaded the English dub to YouTube from the Kids Cartoon Collection release and has later been mirrored by Gilby1385 in 2019. While the first half of the Italian redub was uploaded to YouTube on April 22nd, 2017, the original 1980 version has yet to be found by itself, although the Brazilian-Portuguese dub, while missing the intro, does contain the original music and end credits from it.



The Brazilian-Portuguese dub, featuring the original music and credits.

The film's English dub from the Kids Cartoon Collection release.

The first half of the Italian redub.


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