Imogen Heap (found demo CD from British singer; 2000)

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Front cover of the demo CD.

Status: Found

Imogen Heap is an electronica English singer-songwriter, music producer, and audio engineer born in Havering, London, England. She has gained notable popularity from her 2005 single “Hide And Seek”, which was sampled by many artists such as Jason Derulo. She was also a member of the short-lived duo band Frou Frou from 2002 to 2004 with Guy Sigsworth. She has been nominated for a Grammy award numerous times, with winning one in 2010 for “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical” from her 2009 album “Ellipse”. She has collaborated with many other artists as well, such as Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Blue October, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jeff Beck, along with many others. She is greatly compared to the Icelandic vocalist Björk.

Imogen Heap at Pop!Tech 2008.

After releasing her debut album “I Megaphone” in 1998, and before Frou Frou released their first and only album “Details” in 2002, Imogen made a 5-track demo CD in 2000.[1] The CD included the tracks “Thinking”, “I’m In Love With You”, “Lazy Day”, “Foolish”, and “Apple”. Imogen originally presented this CD to her record label Almo Sounds as material for her 2nd solo record. However, at the same time, Almo Sounds folded and was bought by Universal, leaving Imogen without a record contract, despite her second album was already written and ready to record.

“I’m In Love With You” is an early demo version of the song that was later released on her 2005 album Speak For Yourself, and “Foolish” is the studio demo version of the live recording. The rest of the tracks, “Thinking”, ”Lazy Day”, and “Apple”, are were all previously unreleased.

In late 2020, Imogen released four of the five songs from the demo CD to subscribers via her SupaPass app,[2] which included "Apple", "Lazy Day", "Thinking", and the studio version of "Foolish", along with many other discarded rough demos. On December 14th, 2020, Imogen posted the entire demo recordings on her app exclusively for subscribers, which included the early version of "I’m In Love With You.


Live recording of “Foolish”

2005 studio recording of “I’m In Love With You”


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