In Flames' Various Wacken Shows (partially found concert footage; 1997-2009)

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Status: Partially Found

Wacken Open Air is a yearly Heavy Metal festival held in August. It is held in the small village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. The festival usually boasts around 80,000 attendees every year.

Most performances at this festival are pro-shot (filmed professionally on high-quality cameras) and most of them make their way online through some means, be it fully or partially. Despite this, there are many performances that go completely missing.

Wacken 1997

In Flames performed for the first time at Wacken in 1997, just after the release of their third album "Whoracle". In Flames actually played a fairly long set, despite being newcomers.

The show was presumably pro-shot, though no footage of it has ever surfaced online. Despite the lack of video footage, the YouTube user Krofius has posted a complete audio recording of the show online.[1]

Wacken 1999

In Flames performed again at the 1999 edition of Wacken Open Air. This show took place not long after the release of their fourth album, "Colony". The band played a shorter set here than their 1997 show, and the setlist consisted mostly of songs from Colony.

Krofius has uploaded a video that has an interview with Peter from the band during the 1999 show. The video that plays before the interview has video cuts showing the band at various points during their set. From the looks of it there is a possibility that a pro shot of the performance exists.

Wacken 2001

In Flames performed for the third time at Wacken in August of 2001. Unlike the previous shows, this performance was about a year after the release of their then most recent album, "Clayman". The band performed 15 songs from all their albums and played for roughly an hour making it their longest performance yet at Wacken.

A low-quality bootleg of this show was uploaded to YouTube on May 23rd, 2011 by YouTube user viton63 and remains the only way to see this show. In the footage that viton63 uploaded, you can see several professional cameras and people operating them, meaning that this show was indeed pro-shot, though it has never leaked online.[2]

In Flames Wacken 2001 show

Wacken 2003

In Flames performed at the 2003 edition of Wacken Open Air on August 1st, 2003 on the main stage. The band played a total of 16 songs, including a rare performance of a b-side song called "Watch Them Feed", clocking in at over an hour. Like their previous Wacken show, this show took place about a year after their then-newest album "Reroute to Remain" was released.

The entire show was pro-shot, though only footage of the songs "Only for the Weak" as well as the aforementioned "Watch Them Feed" has ever been posted online. Oddly, the footage for Watch Them Feed seems to depict it as the first song in the set, despite the song "Cloud Connected" having been the opener. Similarly, footage for "Only for the Weak" depicts it as being the last song in the set, despite "Colony" has been the real show closer.

Watch Them Feed Live at Wacken 2003

Only for the Weak live at Wacken 2003

Wacken 2007

After a four-year break, In Flames returned to Wacken on August 4th, 2007 to promote their then-new album, Come Clarity. The band played 17 songs from all of their albums except for their first, "Lunar Strain". Notably, the band played their song "Dead Alone" for one of the (as of August 2015) final times live.

This show, like the previous two, was pro-shot and broadcast live on German television. Despite this, only the pro-shot footage for the song "Come Clarity" has been posted online, though there are bootlegs on YouTube for the songs "Graveland", "Only for the Weak", "Take This Life", "The Quiet Place" as well as "My Sweet Shadow".

Come Clarity live at Wacken 2007

Wacken 2009

A year after In Flames' album "A Sense of Purpose" was released, the band returned yet again to Wacken Open Air for their sixth performance. The band played a total of 15 songs, spanning many of their albums. This show is especially notable for featuring only the second ever (and most recent) performance of the song "Dead End" with special guest Lisa Mistovsky.

The show was pro-shot, though none of the pro-shot clips have ever surfaced online. Even with the lack of pro-shot footage, there are still bootleg recordings of nearly the entire show available on YouTube, including the rare aforementioned performance of "Dead End".

After this show In Flames future Wacken performances would all be uploaded online in their pro-shot forms.