Inazuma Eleven: Scale of Ares (lost build of cancelled "Inazuma Eleven" multi-platform video game; 2016-2019)

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Nintendo Switch Cover.webp

Cover art.

Status: Lost

Inazuma Eleven: Ares is a canceled video game based on the anime series of the same name that was supposed to release in 2018 and 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, IOS, and Android.

Game Development

The game was announced in 2016 on the conference, Level-5 Vision, alongside the anime series. In addition, screenshots[1], promotional videos, interviews with Level-5 C.E.O Akihiro Hino, and a trailer for the demo[2] was shown at the Tokyo Game Show of 2018. It was supposedly set to release in 2018 with the anime series but when the anime series had ended its air, there was no sign of the game of its release during that time as it had been in development. The game was then pushed to 2019 but was then announced to be canceled due to the fact that another anime series in the Inazuma Eleven franchise, entitled Inazuma Eleven Orion', had started airing, and at this point of development, the game was still in its early stages so Level-5, the game's publisher, shut the production in favor of another video game that was eventually produced entitled Inazuma Eleven Victory Road. Even though the game's production was canceled, a lot of screenshots have made it outside the production and are viewable on the internet that shows how the game would have looked like[1].


The only available information about and around the game is from screenshots, articles, and the trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show of 2018. As of June 2023, no builds of the canceled game is known to have resurfaced and is very unlikely to do so.

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