Inazuma Eleven (lost English dub pilot of anime; date unknown)

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Inazuma Eleven.jpg

Promotional art for the series.

Status: Lost

Inazuma Eleven is a 127 episode anime adaptation of Level-5's video game franchise of the same name by Oriental Light & Magic (OLM) that aired between 2008 and 2011 on TV Tokyo in Japan. The series later inspired multiple spin offs, which are all distributed internationally by Arait Multimedia.[1]

The franchise has had a tumultuous history regarding English voice casts. The TV anime series was dubbed entirely in Hong Kong by Omni Productions.[2][3] It debuted on Cartoon Network South East Asia on June 7, 2010, and was later distributed in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.[4][5][6][7][8] When Nintendo of Europe began localizing the video games for European releases, Side UK was hired to do the English voice work with an entirely separate cast.[9][10] In 2014, Nintendo of America released a Nintendo 3DS port of the first game, this time with an all-new dub recorded by Bang Zoom in Los Angeles.[11]

At least one more English Inazuma Eleven cast exists. Three Vancouver, Canada-based voice actors, Saffron Henderson, Adrian Petriw, and Tabitha St. Germain, list the series on their resumes.[12][13][14] Henderson plays the role of Kabeyama, while Petriw only lists his participation as being a "lead" in the series, and St. Germain specifically mentions playing the role of Glenwood, a name that seems to be specific to this dub. All three credit the project to Inter Pacific Productions, the casting agency of Ocean Productions. Little else is known about the dub, though it was likely a pilot for the anime created to sell the series to broadcasters in North America. The first known example of St. Germain's listing Inazuma Eleven was hosted in 2012, years before the franchise was officially introduced to North America.

Between 2013 and 2015, Ocean worked on an English dub for Little Battlers eXperience, a separate Level-5/OLM anime series that had crossovers with Inazuma Eleven, though the dub never reached the point where the two intercepted.[15][16][17][18] That production was heavily altered from its Japanese version and was made for Dentsu Entertainment.