Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (lost build of cancelled Sega Genesis port of Super Nintendo game based on action-adventure films; 1995)

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Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures Genesis 4.jpg

French magazine preview.

Status: Lost

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures is an action platformer starring Indy himself. It recounts the story of the first three movies he starred in. It was co-developed by LucasArts and Factor 5 and was released in October 1994 by JVC Musical Industries. It was a commercial success and received critical acclaim, which paved the way for several other Factor 5-LucasArts collaborations.

What's little known, however, is that Factor 5 ported the game themselves to the Sega Genesis, to completion. This version was intended to be published by U.S. Gold. It was reviewed with similar praise, although many publications noted that the voice samples were muffled and that the music conversion was a hit-or-miss. The game was slated for release in Summer 1995, before being delayed to Fall of that year, before, again, receiving a new tentative release date of sometime in 1996.

According to Factor 5 co-founder Julian Eggebrecht, the Sega Genesis version of the game was cancelled due to Eidos' buyout of U.S. Gold, which lead to them closing their doors.

A prototype was sold on eBay in May 2015 for £770 (US $1,210.98). According to the Sega-16 forums, there were plans to release the version officially. Owners of Factor 5 and a member have been working on it for years. They approached and asked the Nolan Brothers not to release the ROM.

In January 2022, David 'mamehaze' Haywood made a stream, revealing that he had a ROM dump of the game. It was a release candidate, highly implying it could've been sourced from a review copy and that it contained the finished game, or at very least, a very late prototype. He later deleted the stream, very likely due to many comments asking him to release the ROM. YouTube user PHGF later re-uploaded the stream to his channel.


Six-minutes of gameplay.

Approx. 40 minutes of gameplay from the release candidate.