Instrumentals (found Fear Factory promo album; 2001)

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The insert included with the disc.

Status: Found

Date found: 23 July 2022

Found by: Rare Factory

Instrumentals is a promotional album by the metal group Fear Factory that was issued in early 2001. It featured instrumental versions of tracks that were set to appear on the then-upcoming album Digimortal.

The album contains twelve tracks; The first nine would fully appear on the main release of Digimortal. The last three tracks, "Slide Song," "Loop Song" and "Train Wreck" were temporary names that later got changed; They were changed to "Dead Man Walking," "Back the Fuck Up" and "Repentance," respectively. The final versions of all these songs would see official releases later on.

Information about this album is rather scarce, and all that seems to exist left is a page on the UK record shopping site Eil. The disc was printed on a CD-R and contained a small insert containing the tracklisting. The item is no longer listed for sale. However, the Wayback Machine archive of the site does show it for sale as early as 2004. If multiple copies of this promo exist, they were likely either in very low print or possibly destroyed.

On July 23rd, 2022, YouTuber Rare Factory uploaded the whole album.

Instrumentals (full album).

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