Intel "Entertainment in your Lap" (partially lost commercials for mobile computing; 2005-2006)

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A scan of a print for the Tony Leung ad, the last ad not found completely yet.

Status: Partially Lost

Intel is a technology company known for being one of the largest semiconducter chip manufacturers and it's development on the Intel computer architecture.


In September 2005, Intel launched an ad campaign that would appear on television, in magazines and print, and certain retail and outdoor areas. The campaign featured several celebrities or notable figures on the laps of laptop consumers, to represent the possibilities with a laptop, specifically ones running the Intel Centrino mobile computing platform. A press kit was also put out on the Intel website.[1][2]

Celebrities for the first lineup included John Cleese, Lucy Liu, Tony Leung, musician and singer Seal, Tony Hawk, and Michael Owen.

Due to the last campaign having been a success in market, ad campaign was revived again in March 2006 (though was known to be in progress in February), with a different lineup and advertising the newer Intel Centrino Duo rather than the old one. It was slightly more popular due to having featured Mariah Carey in the lineup, and having aired on bigger networks such as CBS.[3][4][5]

The new lineup was smaller and only included Mariah Carey, Elijah Woods, and Jacques Villeneuve. The introduction of Jacques was alleged to have came from the fact that the F1 team he was associated with was also in a corporate partnership with Intel.[6]

The ad campaigns ran in eight countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and China. In some regions it lasted longer for unknown reasons.


While both ad campaigns were successful, they did not air very often and as such, were not able to be archived properly. They were once available on the Intel website, but have not been archived properly either.

While the Tony Leung ad can be found in full on a video of the Chinese version of the ad, a print image implies that an English version of the ad exists (although a spokesperson claimed it would only air in China), which has not resurfaced and is the last ad yet to be found.[7]

Some ads also had extended versions and variations, all of which have been found by now though and can be pieced together.

The other missing ad, which was for Jacques, had both it's print and television ad missing until it was discovered on a creative directors portfolio in full.[8]


Name Status
John Cleese Found
Lucy Liu Found
Tony Leung Partially Lost
Seal Found
Tony Hawk Found
Michael Owen Found


Name Status
Mariah Carey Found
Elijah Woods Found
Jacques Villeneuve Found



Most of the ads for the 2005 campaign, including their alternate variants.

The Chinese version of the ad for the 2005 campaign with Tony Leung.

Mariah Carey's ad.

Elijah Wood's ad.

Jacques Villeneuve's ad.