J-Bird Records (partially found collection of albums published by record label; 1996-2002)

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J-Bird Records Logo

Status: Partially Found

J-Bird Records was a record label based in Wilton, Connecticut that was founded in 1996 by Jay Barbieri, which was created in order to sign upcoming and local artists and make money off of advertising them. The label is most notable for being one of the first online recording labels and signing artists such as Rockapella. Throughout it's run, the company had many albums signed under their label by various artists.[1]


For reasons unknown, the company disbanded in 2002 and in turn, deleted their webpage, removing access to all of their albums. Since then, many of them have become lost to time with only a handful ever resurfacing. The only way to view the entire album listing now is through the Wayback Machine. The webpage shows that the albums were available to buy in CD format, potentially meaning that the only method of obtaining the lost albums is through CDs that people may have bought through the website while it was still up.[2] The CDs are recognized by the J-Bird logo being on the back of the case as well as on the disc itself.

Note: Although these albums do exist on J-Bird discs, the company's disbandment led some artists to publish the albums again under a new label, meaning the missing albums could also be found on non-J-Bird CDs. Also, the albums mentioned in the catalog below are those that are confirmed to exist by credible sources, meaning there could still be more albums that have not even been documented online. The fact that the J-Bird Records website itself on the Wayback Machine only documented snapshots up to December 2000 (prior to the date of the company's disbandment) also makes this theory plausible.

Catalog of Known Albums


Artist Album Status
A.I.F Smoked Diamondz Found
Abdul Get It Right Lost
The Afterlife The Afterlife Lost
Aimed Aggression Exit Wound Found
AKA Pigeonomics Lost
Allen, Michael Christopher Episodes of Love Found
And, The Day Found
And, The And Night Lost
Andy Kelli Band Mail Order Brides Lost
Appalachian Spitfire Outta' The Hills Found
ARX Airwaves Lost
Autonomous Collective Nostalgia Lost
Axis Alley God Save Us From Ourselves Lost


Artist Album Status
Bad Weather Project Bad Weather Project Lost
Barca, Tony Makana Found
Becton, James Pump It Baby Lost
Besieged AkeldamA Found
Betty Neals pre-skool Lost
Beyond Reality Eye Of The Storm... Lost
Big Void The Floor Or The Other Side Of The Room Lost
Bischoff, Doug Real Life Hero Lost
Bliss Chasing the Mad Rabbit Found
Blue Million Hillbilly Surfer Lost
Bowen, Rick Want My Love Found
Boy George Lucky For Some (A More Protein Compilation) Lost
Bozeman, Solomon D. That Man From Galilee Lost
Braithwaite, Darren Electric Jazz Lost
Brass City Mic Squad Beware The Black Fist Lost
Brooks, Richard Violin Electric Found
Brown, Kebade Alive and Well In Cali Lost
Brutal DLX Burning Man Found
Brutal DLX ek-fa Found


Artist Album Status
The Cadwallader/MacDonald Project Your Smile Lost
Caribou Gone Salad Days Lost
Carlson, Chas Burn The Jam House Down Lost
The Cartoon Physicists Madman and Maryanne v. The Time Monster Lost
Cerniglia, Joe Spices of Life Found
Channel Six Fallin' off the Deep End Found
Cherry, Ava Spend The Night Found
Christ Sakes! Wholly Krap Lost
Christina Alan's Rose Lost
Christopher, Jim Fiction Found
Cipot, Jody S Millennium Lost
Cleghorn, John Freetown Johnny Lost
Cloud 9 First Snow Lost
Conan & The Showdogs From NY to TN Lost
Cosmic Box Cosmic Box Lost
Crosby, Bing Thanks For The Memories Mr. Crosby Lost
Crossroads Dangerous Intersection Found
Cub Koda & The Points Noise Monkeys Lost
Cushing, Bob Now That We've Met Found


Artist Album Status
D, Darlene Safari Hunter Found
Davis, Jed We're All Going To Jail Lost
Davis, Jed Jed Davis Wastes 8 Years Of His Life... Lost
Dennison, Ann When You're in Love Found
Dim Dim Lost
DiPaolo, Nick Born This Way Found
DOL Hang Em' High, Joseph Malta Lost
DOL ...A Unit Of Pain Intensity Lost
Dontay Unchained Lost
Dr. Singletary's Musicians Thank God Lost
Dr. X Dr. X Lost
Dreadnought 55 Bohemia Lost
Dress Code About Time Lost
Dressler, Carol Forward Motion Lost
Drive, She Said Drivin' Wheel Found
Drive, She Said Excelerator Found
Drive, She Said Drive, She Said Found
Dufus Our First Born Found
Dyce Roll The Dyce Lost


Artist Album Status
Ego Filotto Trio Winter Meeting Lost
Ehman, Bill Circle of Light Lost
El-Kassim, Abu Wanted By The FBI Lost
Electric Breakwater In The Bush Found
Ellington, Duke Live 1953-1954 Lost
Ellington, Duke Private Collection 1953-1954 Lost
Emanuel Mood Found
Euphoria Never Alone Lost
Evidence Untitled Partially Lost (1 Song Missing)
The Eye Looking for Banshee Lost


Artist Album Status
Feeding Time Wires for Veins Found
The Festive Skeletons The Festive Skeletons Lost
Filici, Juan Humor y Ritmo Latino Tropical A La...Juan Filici Lost
Flash and the Retro Rockets Birth Of The Beat Lost
Flesh & Blood Blues For Daze Found
Flunch Smelladelica Lost
Flying Boxcars Track Eater Lost
Foisy, Paul Big Sugar Found
The Fold The Fold Lost
Foxfire One Night Stand Lost
The Fraternal Order of the All Greetings From Planet Love Found
Friendben Life & Song in Progress Found
Fuddle Home Cookin' Lost
Funk Kin Funk Kin Lost
Funktionlust Shrunken Head Lost
Funnuchi, Al Black Hand, The Lost


Artist Album Status
G.O.T Cold Progression Lost
Gary, Steven East of Vegas Lost
Gascoyne, James Electric Earth Lost
Glampire The Beginning Of Terror Partially Lost (1 Song Missing)
Glampire Pretty Scary Lost
Griffin, Robert Black Diamond Lost
Grind Best of Found (Tracks 9, 11, 1, 10, 4, Tracks 2, 4, 7, 24, 21, 12, Tracks 7, 9, 2, 16, Tracks 10, 8, 11, 2, 4 ,Tracks 2 and 3, “Constants”)
Grizzle Fly You Fat Bastard Found
The Guess Who Greatest Hits Live! Lost
Gutrench Forlorn Hope Lost


Artist Album Status
Hanrahan, Curt Hangtime Lost
Harding, Randal Remnants Lost
Harlem Gospel Choir Harlem Gospel Choir Found
Harlem Gospel Choir I'm So Glad Partially Lost (1 Song Missing)
Hawk Blues@Hawk.net Found
HOD The Eighth Sephirah Lost
Honeyhead Religious Lost
Horror of Horrors Fangs Breaking The Skin Found
Humbuck Squash Thoughts of May Distress Lost


Artist Album Status
Imperious Rex Freak Season Lost
Impulse Ride Corn Dog Money Found
Impulse Ride Residue Found
In Denial In Denial Lost
Industry of Sound Faces In The Void Lost
Inertia My African Dream Lost


Artist Album Status
J'Lavee When We Touch Partially Found
Jak Tweed The Outer Shell Lost
Jazz Ethics In Naked Time Found
Jester, Bev Someplace in Time Lost
Jet Set Setting the Standard Lost
JFK The Big Man Lost
Jimmie Van Zant Band Southern Comfort Found
The John Entwistle Band Left For Live Found
Jordan, Leland No Direction - In All Directions Lost
Jumani Jumani Lost


Artist Album Status
Roger Kaplan and A Huger Scene A Huger CD Lost
Kelly, Deborah To The Moon Lost
Khali The Embryo Lost
Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls Shakin' From The Trees Found
Koda, Cub Box Lunch Lost


Artist Album Status
Ladies of Soul Ladies of Soul Lost
Lafaro, Frank The Romantic Lost
Lafaro, Frank Jus' Jaz' Lost
Lamb, John Once And For All Found
The Laurels Keeping Tradition Found
LeBec, Nevil We Are Nevil LeBec Lost
Lives, Stephen Angry Part of Me Lost
The Living Daylights Give Till It Hurts Found
Lovechild Lovechild Lost
Lovepump Satanic Gizmo Lost
Lowe, Chris Gaptooth Funk Lost
The Ploughman's Lunch Peace, Love & Blarney Found
The Ploughman's Lunch The Ploughman's Lunch Partially Lost (1 Song Missing)


Artist Album Status
M Lumbo Life After Death Found
M Lumbo The Book of Night Burning in a Garden of Ice Found
M'Brace Romantic Found
Mara, Tommy The Lost Crooner Lost
McColl, Deborah Naked In The Garden Partially Lost (1 Song Missing)
Media The One and Only Lost
Medusa Blind Date Lost
Mel, Bob Love Forever Lost
The Menus Infinite Recess Partially Lost (1 Song Missing)
Merritt, Richie Then and Now Found
Michie, Chris Seven Rivers Found
Milkshake Quiver Lost
MISS Civil War Lost
Mitrovic, Sinisha City of Lights Lost
Said Moadel Flamenco Guitar Found
Moodswing Moodswing Lost
Mountaniol, Arthur 5 Song Debut Lost
Mr. OCD Do It In Another World Lost
Mute Background Music for the Forefront Lost


Artist Album Status
Napolitano, Sal Better Days Partially Lost (About half of the album)
Nason, Karen You're Not In Kansas Anymore Partially Found
NE4 Never Lift Found
Nelsen Adelard Band Blues Got a Hold On Me Found
Nobody in Particular Music Thingy Found


Artist Album Status
O'Hara, Patti Songs in The Key of Love Found
Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez Radio Queen Found
Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez Wicked Time Found
OMENz The Lost Tribe Lost
One Alternative Changes Found
Othaman Microfonickandiestore Partially Lost (1 Song Found)


Artist Album Status
Padame Om Confessions Found
Pajama Slave Dancers It Came From the Barn Partially Lost (1 Song Found)
Path to Reality Dig Found
The Pioneers The Pioneers w/guest Pioneer John Entwistle Found
Plan 9 Pleasure Farm Found
Plastic Heroes Universitary Lost
Platt, Mark The Wilderness Concert Partially Lost (About half of the album)
Platt, Mark There Go I Lost
Platt, Mark Live at Spring Glen Partially Lost (About half of the album)
Platt, Mark A Christian In The World Partially Lost (1 Song Missing)
Pornosonic Unreleased 70s Porno Music Found
Primitive Puppet Cement Found
Psycadelic Son Better Say Your Prayers Lost


  • Table on Wayback Machine is empty, possibly no albums exist in this category


Artist Album Status
Raincell Raincell Lost
Ranum, Rick Insight Out Lost
Raymoe The Quest Lost
Will Ready Private Party Found
Red Stone Mathis Wanna Fork, Baby? Lost
Reed, Elizabeth Elizabeth Reed Lost
The Regulators Consider It Done Found
The Rembrandts Lost Together Found
The Reputations Time and Time Again Found
Robibob Bassically Speaking Lost
Roble, Tom It's My Teddy Bear Found
Roble, Tom Roble Found
Rockapella Don't Tell Me You Do Found
Rockapella 2 Found
Rockapella Christmas Found
Rockapella In Concert Found
Rocker, Lee Lee Rocker Live Lost
Rocket Society Radio Plague Lost
Roger Ebacher Quartet Flutation Device Lost
Carlos Romero Chamaco En Nueva York Lost
Rough Diamond From The Rough Lost
Ryder, Mitch How I Spent My Vacation Found
Ryder, Mitch Got Change For A Million? Found
Ryder, Mitch In The China Shop Partially Lost (About half of the album)
Ryder, Mitch Live Talkies Found
Ryder, Mitch Naked But Not Dead Found
Ryder, Mitch Red Blood White Mink Partially Lost (About half of the album)
Ryder, Mitch Smart Ass Found
Rydlyn Rydlyn Lost


Artist Album Status
Sack Sack Lost
Bonnie Sanders Lee A Seasoned Woman Lost
Christopher Ameruoso Its A Big World...Carry A Big Gun Lost
Scalet, Beth Blues in Paradise Found
Scalet, Beth It's A Living Found
Schelly & Dontay Schelly & Dontay Lost
Schnack Machine Happy Little Accidents Lost
Screaming Windows Horrible Day Lost
Scribe Machine Isolation Loop Found
Second Degree A-Muse-D Lost
Second Glance 3 Words Lost
Secret Smile Anatomy Found
Secret Smile Brick It Lost
Serrato, Greg Child of The Blues Found
Serrato, Greg Holy Smokes Found
Serrato, Greg Like A Tornado Found
Sesh 4535 Found
The Shambles Love Nest Found
Sheena and The Swamp Dogs Close to the Bone Lost
Shit Bong Shit Bong Lost
Shit Bong Delores Lost
Shit Bong 3000 Lost
Shock Opera Mer De Mente Found
Sod People Sod People Lost
Sokol, Kevin Bye & Bye Lost
Soul Preachers Amen Lost
Squier, Billy Happy Blue Found
St. Jon, Alan Sky Daddy Found
Stained Glass Lightforms Lost
Stewart, Jimmy Memorabilia Found
Stezo Where's the Funk At? Found
Stone Soldier The Beginning Lost
Suckerfish Out Of Focus Partially Lost (About half of the album)
Sugarpop Give Up Your Sister Found
Superflo Send Out a Dove Found
Systems Rebourn Signs of the Equinox Found


Artist Album Status
Taylor Made Attitude Lost
Third Stone Invasion Third Stone Invasion Partially Lost (Most of the album missing)
Tollbooth Howdy! Found
Tommy Diddy Dumb-Dum Cell With A View Lost
Touch Touch Lost
Trap Buy Lost
Trax Getting Crowded Lost
Triple Sicks Productions Transgressions Lost
Dr. Duke Tumatoe and The Power Trio A Ejukatid Man Lost
Dr. Duke Tumatoe and The Power Trio It's Christmas (Let's Have Sex) Found
Dr. Duke Tumatoe and The Power Trio Pompous & Overrated - Recorded Live! Lost
Tvedt, Rick Demos From The Heart Lost


Artist Album Status
Umbrella Heaven Do You Hate Me? Found
Unbound Unbound Lost
Uncle $am Band Love in a Blender Found
Universal Truth Symbol of Confusion Found
Unloved Listening Room Found
Unzipt First Cum First Served Lost


Artist Album Status
Vakuum The Void Lost
Tommy Vale and The Torpedos Crime Lost
Vampire Nation wise-ta-nech [pre-european africa] Found
Various Artists Spirit For The Millennium Lost
Various Artists Everybody Wants To Be Like Jed Found
Various Artists Central High Soundtrack Lost
The Vin Man The Vin Man Lives Lost


Artist Album Status
W.I.R.E.D. Get On With It Lost
The Water Street Blues Band The Water Street Blues Band Found
Who's Insain Who's Insain Lost
Wild Bill's Party Army Band Metamorphosize Lost
Windows on the Ceiling 50 cents A Hit Lost
Windows on the Ceiling Bad Neck Day Lost
World Strings Trio An Evening In Warsaw Lost
World, Tory Cyberspace Faced Loverboy Lost


  • Table on Wayback Machine is empty, possibly no albums exist in this category


  • Table on Wayback Machine is empty, possibly no albums exist in this category


Artist Album Status
Z-Works Sleeping Angels Found


Artist Album Status
7july Pedestal Found
7july Title Unknown Lost
9 East Trinity Lost