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Screenshot of "Me at the zoo", the first and only remaining video on Karim's channel.

Status: Partially Found

Jawed Karim (জাবেদ করিম) (born October 28th, 1979) is an internet entrepreneur most well known for co-founding YouTube with Steven Chen and Chad Hurley in 2005. He created his YouTube channel on April 23rd, 2005 (with the site's domain first registering two months prior), and the first video he uploaded was named "Me at the zoo". This was the first video ever uploaded on the site, and as of February 2023, it has reached 254 million views. He also worked on PayPal, and many of its core components, including its real-time anti-internet fraud system, were also designed and implemented by Karim.[1]

Karim uploaded many videos to YouTube over the years. However, he also had a habit of deleting them (often very shortly after uploading), and eventually every video except "Me at the zoo" was removed. Curious people have since been searching through caches, archives, and re-uploads to find the removed videos.


Karim's videos did not have a singular set theme. Most videos were about him during his various trips, him chatting with his friends (with his high school friend Yakov Lapitsky appearing frequently in videos), him playing with his dog "Yoda", and various types of vehicles taking off/arriving at a destination.

Karim's last video appears to be "Taking off" from January 4th, 2010. It is unknown why Karim kept deleting videos from his channel, although the most likely reason is simply not being satisfied with them. A common rumor says Karim finally deleted all his videos (except for "Me at the zoo") due to his disapproval of YouTube requiring a Google+ account to comment on videos back in November 2013.[2] However, while he was publicly dissatisfied with the change, "Me at the zoo" was already the last remaining video on the channel a year before it was put into place.[3][4]

Currently, the largest known peak of Karim's video count is 136 from February 2006[5]As of February 2020, not all names of these videos are known yet.


Name[6][7][8][9] Status Original Description
34 St - Penn Station in New York City Lost Unknown.
A B-52 loss of control during air show practice at Fairchild Lost Unknown.
A story about Drey Lost Unknown.
Age of Turmoil Found Unknown.
Amazing football goals Lost Unknown.
Amiga and Atari (12/3/1985) Found Unknown.
Another story about Drey[10] Lost Drey does not like chemistry. Here is another story.
Anti-Communism movie Lost Unknown.
Apple II Forever Found Unknown.
Apollo 13: Houston, We've Got A Problem (1972) Found Unknown.
Apollo 15: In The Mountains Of The Moon (Part 1) (1972) Found Unknown.
Awesome SCIENCE EXPERIMENT! Lost Monzy tests the conductivity of Mountain Dew.
BadBoys2 Explosion stunt footage Lost Unknown.
Bicycle race Lost Unknown.
Bike race Lost Unknown.
BMW M5 Test Drive Lost Unknown.
Booked for Safekeeping (1960)[11] Found Unknown.
Canon SD500 video Lost Canon SD500 video
Commodore 64 (1988) Lost Unknown.
Computer-generated animation of water Found Pretty cool, looks very realistic! By Ron Fedkiw, Assistant Professor at Stanford Computer Science, whose research areas include computational fluid dynamics and computer graphics.
Concorde landing[12] Lost Unknown.
Concorde taking off Found Notice how quickly it takes off.
Crushing my camera Lost This is a great way to destroy your digital camera. Watch! I am about to run over the camera at 60 mph.
Cyberdyne Systems from Terminator 2 Movie[13] Found Do you recognize the building in this video clip I shot? I went to the actual filming location of Cyberdyne Systems in the movie Terminator 2. This building (in real life) is called the Lam Research Building, and it belongs to a microprocessor company (go figure!). The address is 47131 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, CA. The building looks higher in the movie because a fake 3rd story was added. More info at http://jawed.com/pictures/cyberdyne_systems/.
Cyberdyne Systems from Terminator 2 Movie (actual footage) Found Unknown.
Dancing in California[14] Partially lost

I'm taking inspiration from Matt Harding of http://wherethehellismatt.com/. He is currently dancing all around the world. I am starting my dance in California. Everyone should make one of these! Thanks to chhnny for filming =) The song is called Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest.

Dating advice Lost Yakov gives useful dating advice.
Dalai Lama speaks at Stanford Lost Unknown.
Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan (1946) Lost Unknown.
Dinner Party (1945) Found Unknown.
Do you have Hookers? Lost Yakov explains why this russian guy he knows went to a hardware store and wanted to buy "hookers". A slight misunderstanding.
Down the Gasoline Trail (1935) Found Unknown.
Elvis in Las Vegas Lost I saw this Elvis guy in Las Vegas singing on Las Vegas Boulevard. I wonder... is he the real Elvis? Maybe the real Elvis is hiding as an impersonator?
Emergency landing without landing gear Lost Unknown.
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (1940) Found Unknown.
Exploration of an abandoned building Found Me and some fellow students at my University entered and explored an old building that has been closed and abandoned since the mid 1980's. You won't believe the kind of shit we found...
extreme 747 landing Lost extreme 747 landing
Extremely short runway 747 takeoff Found This was the first 747 passenger flight from Bournemouth Airport, UK, destination New York. Bournemouth has a short runway so this was an incredibly dramatic take off for the 747. Listen for a guy in the background saying "its not gunna make it!" and "Jesus christ!"
Flight of Apollo 11 (The Eagle Has Landed) (1969) Found Unknown.
Gambling in Las Vegas Lost People gambling at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
Getting doused! Lost Some water fun at Wisconsin Dell's.
Gulfstream V Jet taking off from St. Paul, Minnesota Found Mmmm Gulfstream V... I was filming this one as my parents were taking off in it, on their way to some place in upstate Minnesota.Even though I wasn't in it, I was pretty damn excited just to see this thing take off. I definitely noticed that it took off after a very short run, much quicker than your average passenger jet. Does anyone else have videos of Gulfstream V or similar jets?
Guy gets slammed in the face Lost Unknown.
Hawaii Found Submarine (shipwreck)
High-Tech Cow Milking Lost Unknown.
Hoyoul kicking Taekwondo butt Lost Here's my friend Hoyoul (in Red) competing in the International Taekwondo Championships held in Las Vegas in July 2005. He ended up winning a gold medal at this event.
How are your teeth? Lost Unknown.
How to date (1950's) Found Unknown.
Ilias showing off his skillz Found Unknown.
Ilias working the thing Found Unknown.
Introduco Youtube in Italia Lost Unknown.
London to Los Angeles in under 4 hours Lost Unknown.
Making a $20 investment @ Schwab Lost Unknown.
Malaysia Airlines 747 Cargo Found Unknown.
Me at the zoo Found Unknown. (Description from 2011: "The first video on YouTube, uploaded at 8:27PM on Saturday April 23rd, 2005. The video was shot by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo.")
Meeting Matt from WhereTheHellisMatt.com Found We met up with Matt Harding from wherethehellismatt.com. On his trip around the world he stopped by San Francisco, and we got to be in his dance video clip!
My Numa Numa video! Found Everyone has a numa numa video! Here is mine.
My dog "Yoda" Lost Unknown.
On top of the world! Lost This is me standing on top of this huge ass rock at Pinnacles National Monument in California. It was seriously scary to be on top of that rock....
Philipsburg - Princess Juliana (TNCM / SXM) Lost Several landings and take off at SXM
Re-creating Office Space Lost This is me with some friends trying to be like the dudes from Office Space.
RMS Queen Mary "ghost tour" Lost I visited the RMS Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach, CA. Today this luxury liner from the 30's is permanently moored and converted into a museum. They offer a "ghost tour" through the ship where you can see all the "paranormal activity" that still goes on there. Although you can't see much in this video, the sound by itself is quite entertaining.
ROAD RAGE in Pennsylvania Lost Driving through Pennsylvania can be a frustrating experience. Yakov is pissed.
Rolling down a hill Found i almost puked rolling down this hill!
San Diego Gangsta Found Unknown.
San Francisco celebrates VE Day 1918 Found Unknown.
Shocking Tsunami, Footage Found Unknown.
Snake! Lost Unknown.
SR-71 Blackbird footage Lost Unknown.
Star Trek restaurant @ Las Vegas Hilton Hotel Lost A Star Trek character came by to entertain us while we were eating at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. What I love about this video is that the first two seconds look like a real episode, due to the actor and the background.
Supersonic F14 flyby Lost Unknown.
Taking off Found SFO
Taking off from San Jose, California Found A very clear day at SJC. I love videos of planes landing and taking off. Call me nuts, but I actually video tape almost every landing and takeoff whenever I'm on planes. Does anyone else do this?
The making of an Airbus 340-600 Lost Unknown.
This hand dryer displaces flesh Lost Unknown.
Thomas Siebel of Siebel System, Distinguished Speaker Lost Unknown.
Train arrives in Stuttgart, Germany Found The Inter City Express arrives
UIUC Commencement 2007 Found UIUC Commencement 2007. Video recorded by Greg Pape.
Under the Bridge! Found An aerobatic Sukhoi being flown INVERTED under a river bridge.
Video camera on RC airplane Lost Unknown.
what the hell? Lost Unknown.
Why was Steve late? Lost excuses excuses
Yoda after grooming Found She always does this after she gets back home from grooming.
YouTube: From Concept to Hyper growth Found Less than two years after launch, YouTube has become one the most-visited destinations on the web. With more than 100 million videos served daily, it may be the fastest-growing entertainment website in the history of the World Wide Web. Jawed Karim will explain the thought process and the events that led to the development of YouTube.
YouTube on the tube (again!) Lost Unknown.
YouTube Victim #2

Found||Taking some inspiration from WeirdSheep, here's my attempt!



Video showcasing many of Karim's removed videos.

Video showcasing "Canon SD500 video."

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