JellyTelly (partially lost series of online games from Christian streaming service; 2008)

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JellyTelly logo from 2008-2012.

Status: Partially Lost

JellyTelly is an online Christian-streaming service launched in 2008 by Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales). The website includes original shows to watch such as What's in the Bible?, as well as existing Christian shows such as VeggieTales and Hermie and Friends.

JellyTelly also includes various interactive games to play, such as Jelly Paint and Alarm in the Lab.


Most of these games can be found on the current version of the JellyTelly website. However, players would need a subscription to play. Other games like Jelly Jump cannot be found anywhere, even on the Internet Archives. No info can be found on Tetris with Alfred Wilberwale other than an early version on the JellyTelly website.[1][2]


# Game Status
1 Alarm in the Lab Found
2 Pirate Parachute Found
3 Air Adventures with Clive & Ian Found
4 Agnes & Winnie's Big Air Found
5 Jelly Match Up Found
6 Jelly Swap Found
7 Jelly Jump Lost
8 Spot the Difference Found
9 Puppet Producer Found
10 Quacky's Breakout Lost
11 Jelly Paint Found
12 Tetris with Alfred Wilberwale Lost


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