Jelly World Practice Team (partially lost original images of Neopets characters; 2006)

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Team Jelly World Logo.png

The logo associated with the original version of the Jelly World Practice Team containing the removed characters.

Status: Partially Lost

The Jelly World Practice Team is a set of characters on the browser game Neopets that since 2008, consisted entirely of Jelly Chias. However, with the introduction of the Altador Cup in 2006, a different set of characters was on the team, consisting of Jelly colored versions of five different Neopet species: A Kougra, a Kau, a Blumaroo, an Usul, and a Techo.


In the summer of 2006, Neopets had introduced the Altador Cup, a to-be annual event loosely based upon the FIFA World Cup where the many lands of Neopia would compete against each other in Yooyuball, in what can be described as a hybrid of many sports, including football and lacrosse. Five different Neopet characters would be on a team to represent each competing land, and players would choose a team to support and face off in a tournament, until the team with the most wins among other factors would win.

In order to have players acquainted with the Yooyuball flash game, practice days before and during the Altador Cup would be playable, where the player's chosen team would face off a team for Jelly World, a retconned location that had become the basis for the long withstanding "Jelly World does not exist" joke that has endured for decades since. The original Jelly World Yooyuball Team had consisted of a variety of Neopets painted Jelly who wore blue and orange uniforms, which consisted of the following:

  • Jelly Kougra (Goalie)
  • Jelly Kau (Left Forward)
  • Jelly Blumaroo (Right Forward)
  • Jelly Usul (Right Defender)
  • Jelly Techo (Left Defender)

The same team would appear again for the Altador Cup II in the summer of 2007, but for the following year in 2008, the Yooyuball minigame would be revamped entirely, and the Jelly World Practice Team would be replaced with 5 identical Jelly Chias with new team colors of lime green and magenta, removing the old characters without a trace.


The earliest publicly available documentation of the original Jelly World Practice Team would be on May 2nd, 2007 as an edit on NeoDex, a Neopets Wiki hosted by the Neopets fansite Pink Poogle Toy by the user Jacob.[1]. At this time, this edit only confirms two characters: The Kougra and Kau, with no images provided. Two months later on July 6th, 2007, another edit to add more information about the team was added by the user DreamingLady. [2], which would add information that the Jelly Blumaroo, Usul, and Techo were a part of the team, but removing the specification that the Kau was a forward. The next day on July 7th, 2007, DreamingLady would update the page to include a link to a Pet page for a pet named "Man_eater_pikachu" which had allegedly contained the original images of the Jelly World Practice Team members, though at some point the owner of the pet's account (pokemon_lunatic) was frozen, reverting the page to the default Kougra pet page template.[3]

On September 2nd, 2008, a user with an unlogged IP Address would edit the page to add back the Jelly Kau's position as a forward and add that the Jelly Usul was a right forward.[4] Two days later on September 4th, 2008, another unlogged IP address would add that the Blumaroo and Techo were the right and left defenders respectively.[5] It is worth noting that by this time, the Jelly Chias had already replaced the original teammates, making the primary source of this information unavailable.

The Jelly World Practice Team would later be documented on another Neopets fansite, Jellyneo in it's subsection dedicated to documenting lore and characters, The Book of Ages as "Practice Team". This page would repeat the information available about the Practice Team on NeoDex, including the positions of the removed members, but also included images of two of the members; the Kougra, which was sourced from a .swf file of the old Yooyuball minigame, and the Kau, of which's source is currently unknown.

On September 6th, 2020, ProblematicPeriwinklePlum would email Jellyneo asking if they had the other missing teammate images, to which they responded that only waht was shown on the page was what they had. ProblematicPeriwinklePlum would later track down an image of the Jelly Blumaroo from a now privated YouTube video featuring a user losing a goal to the Practice Team the same day.

Additionally, ProblematicPeriwinklePlum had rediscovered the Man_eater_pikachu petpage link on NeoDex. It was later suggested by Jellyneo to contact pokemon_lunatic for the original images, who was still active on the Neopian Times Writers' Forum under the username Dimi in an email reply, of which ProblematicPeriwinklePlum had done. One hour later, Dimi would respond explaining that their original account was frozen and was unable to recover it, and the original images would be on an old laptop that they no longer had access to as it was in a different country, and that they were doubtful the original images still existed on said laptop.

Currently, only three of the five members of the Jelly World Practice Team's images have been found.


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