Jeremy Clarkson's Extreme Machines (partially found BBC Two television series; 1998)

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The title card for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Jeremy Clarkson's Extreme Machines was the second of Clarkson's five television series he produced during Top Gear's intermission period, and aired during the beginning of 1998[1] on BBC Two, when he was still working for the latter program. The basic premise of Extreme Machines was that it entailed Clarkson discussing and testing out various pieces of powerful machinery[2] both inside and outside the world of automobiles, a topic he would revisit for his 2001 series Speed.


Originally, six episodes of Extreme Machines aired on BBC Two in January and February of 1998. Each episode was approximately 30 minutes long, totaling in a series length of 3 hours. However, when the time came to release the series for the home video market, namely VHS[3] (and later transferred to DVD),[4] the decision was made to instead create a "Best of" compilation, removing over 2 hours of footage in the process. As a result, much of the series has been unseen since its original 1998 airing.

Episode Guide

Episode Airdate Synopsis
1 01/08/1998 Reno Air Races, U2's private jet, and F1 powerboat[5]
2 01/15/1998 Jahre Viking Supertanker, space shuttle, and Class One powerboat[6]
3 01/22/1998 F15, combine-harvester banger race, and snowmobile drag racing[7]
4 01/29/1998 Riva speedboat, Apache gunship, and polar exploration vehicles[8]
5 02/05/1998 Jet boat, model Ferrari, and B52 bombers[9]
6 02/12/1998 Super yacht, stealth warship, V8-powered swamp buggies and life-sized mechanical elephant[10]