Jimi Hendrix Madison Square Garden Winter Festival For Peace (partially found unreleased concert footage; 1970)

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Winter Festival For Peace.jpg

A rare photograph of the concert.

Status: Partially Found

Jimi Hendrix at the Madison Square Garden (Commonly abbreviated as Jimi Hendrix Live at MSG) is a piece of unreleased concert footage documenting Hendrix's short performance at the 1970 Winter Festival for Peace with his band “Gypsy Sun and Rainbows” commonly abbreviated as Band of Gypsys on January 28, 1970.

The Incident

Hendrix, suffering from exhaustion and enduring the effects of a drink laced with an unknown substance, performed only two songs of the set, "Who Knows", and "Earth Blues" before strangely quoting the following:

That's what happens when Earth fucks with space, never forget that, that's what happens...[1]

He then refused to play the rest of his set and walked offstage after setting down his guitar. By some accounts, while sitting on stage Hendrix is claimed to have shaken his head and wept briefly. Fellow bandmate Buddy Miles, the drummer for the Band of Gypsys, claimed that their manager, Mike Jeffrey, slipped Hendrix two bad tabs of LSD in an attempt to embarrass him and reform the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He is quoted as having said the following;

"My sister and I saw Jeffrey slip Jimi two tabs of LSD, and I personally saw him take them. He looked so scared."[2]

The date also marks the final performance of the Band of Gypsies, as the group was disbanded after the disastrous performance.[3] Due to the abhorrent nature of the performance and Hendrix's own wellbeing, the footage has never been officially released. The only footage that has ever surfaced is a short one-minute clip showing Hendrix briefly playing his guitar and singing interposed with footage of abandoned construction sites.

Found Audio

On February 27, 2018, YouTube user C20H25N3O uploaded a complete audio recording of the performance. It includes both songs played during the set, Who Knows, and Earth Blues in their entirety. The account and video were later terminated by YouTube. On January 26th, 2017, YouTube user Carlygtr also made an upload of the complete concert audio, which is still available.


The only known video of the concert.

The complete audio recording of the concert.


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