Jimmy Two-Shoes (lost test pilot of Canadian children's animated TV series; 2006)

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The shows' title card.

Status: Lost

Jimmy Two-Shoes was a Canadian animated children's series that ran from 2009 to 2011 and was created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott. The series followed the titular character of Jimmy, a happy-go-lucky 14-year-old boy who lives in Miseryville - an area that was filled with doom and misery.

A 6-minute-long pilot (specifically an investor-paid test animation) for the series was created in 2006. The pilots' premise was drastically different from the final version and revealed that the show was originally intended for an older audience; The show would've been set in Hell. Heinous was the Devil as evidenced by his original name: "Lucifer", and Heloise was supposed to be a brain-damaged serial killer who was sent to Hell, and had a crush on Jimmy, but yet also regularly tortured him.

According to Edward Kaye, co-creator of Jimmy Two-Shoes, and Phil Postma, original designer for the concept, the show was originally made as an exclusive Teletoon production for the studios' tween demographic at the time, the Hell references and other mature elements were removed and toned down once the US broadcasters for Disney XD came on board, as they were aiming for a more conservative market. The designs were also altered as the producers didn't like them.

Although it was rumored that Charlie Schlatter did the voice of Jimmy (with Jessica DiCicco as the voice of Heloise being speculated also), Kaye has confirmed that Cory Doran did voice Jimmy in the pilot.


The pilot began with Jimmy helping an old lady cross the street. The lady drops her wallet, and when Jimmy picks it up for her, a bus comes in and runs him over. He subsequently dies at the hospital from his injuries and gets sent to Hell upon being mistaken for a thief. To Jimmy, Hell seems like a wonderfully fun place, though that's not quite what it is.

The existence of this test animation is well known, and it does indeed exist. But according to Kaye, neither him nor Scott were allowed to have copies since the investors feared it would be leaked.



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