Johnson & Friends (partially found North American dub of Australian children's program; 1994-1996)

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The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

'Johnson & Friends' was an Australian children's show produced by Film Australia and then by Avalon Studios in 1990 and created by Ron Saunders, John Patterson and Ian Munro for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and aired between the third of September 1990 to the tenth of July 1997 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation television network. it also aired on TCC and the BBC as well as Tiny Living in the UK. The show was about the adventures of 6 toys. Johnson, McDuff, Diesel, Alfred, Squeaky and Victoria.[1]

The North American dub

In 1994 the Fox Children's Network brought the show to North America with a North American dub produced between 1994 and 1996. This dub was implemented into Fox's "The Fox Cubhouse" as a segment for Tuesday and Thursday airings. It featured several changes with most of the voice actors being replaced by American ones excluding the voice actor for Alfred who had to rerecord his lines due to mastering issues. Apart from the change of voice actor minor cuts were made to remove Australian slang and music was added in parts that were deemed too quiet by Fox. The Fox Network later commissioned 26 more episodes and another dub was done with the voice actor for Diesel being replaced by the Australian one. This resulted in several redubbings of previous episodes and the episodes would later be dubbed by Australian voice actors in 1997. In 1996 the Fox Cubhouse was taken off the air and the North American dub has not aired since. The North American dub had also made its way to Guam on KTGM as part of the Fox Cubhouse.


Only 48 episodes of the original North American dub and 9 episodes of the re-dub have resurfaced as of January 2023.[2] The dubs first surfaced on YouTube with the first episodes being uploaded by Joseph Marshall in 2020 before being re-uploaded by Johnson and Noddy in 2021 after their channel was terminated earlier that same year. The dubs much like many North American dubs during this time never had a home media release and it was believed the master tapes were wiped however, several mastering tapes are known to still exist.


# Episode Title Status (original dub) Status (re-dub)
1 Beginnings Found Found
2 Under the Bed Found Found
3 Best of Friends Found Lost
4 The Thing Outside Found Lost
5 Helpless Found Lost
6 Moving House Found Lost
7 Playing Games Found Lost
8 The Birthday Present Found Lost
9 Wind Chimes Found Lost
10 Sharing Found Lost
11 The Picnic Found Lost
12 Cleaning Day Found Lost
13 Camping Trip Found Lost
14 Secrets Found Lost
15 Homeless Found Lost
16 Battle of the Bed Found Lost
17 Crying Wolf Found Lost
18 A Case of Trust Found Lost
19 Being Good Found Lost
20 Baby of the Family Lost Lost
21 The Concert Found Lost
22 Blast Off Found Lost
23 Birthday Party Found Lost
24 The Big Freeze Found Lost
25 Operation Squeaky Found Lost
26 Buried Treasure Found Lost
27 Diesel Tries to Fly Found Lost
28 Dinosaur Tracks Found Found
29 The Pink Thread Found Lost
30 Melissa's Dinosaur Found Found
31 Diesel Who? Found Lost
32 The Homecoming Found Lost
33 The Three Little Pigs Found Lost
34 Disappearing Act Found Lost
35 Growing Up Found Lost
36 The Flood Found Lost
37 The Toy Orchestra Found Found
38 The Money Box Lost Lost
39 The Television Set Found Found
40 The Toy Hospital Lost Lost
41 A Trip to the Moon Found Lost
42 The Loose Tooth Lost Lost
43 The Fancy Dress Lost Found
44 The Art Exhibition Lost Lost
45 Finder's Keepers Found Lost
46 Leaving Home Lost Lost
47 Sock Soup Lost Found
48 The Train Conductor Found Found
49 The Fun Run Lost Lost
50 The Crying Baby Lost Lost
51 Bringing up Baby Lost Lost
52 Going Away Lost Lost
53 Left Behind Unproduced Found
54 All At Sea Unproduced Found
55 The Big Surprise Unproduced Lost
56 Victoria Gets Swapped Unproduced Lost
57 The Tinker Unproduced Found
58 Little Red Riding Hood Unproduced Lost
59 The Telephone Exchange Unproduced Found
60 Putting out the Rubbish Unproduced Found
61 The Birthday Balloon Unproduced Lost
62 Traffic Lights Unproduced Lost
63 Clowning Around Unproduced Lost
64 The Hypnotist Unproduced Lost
65 The Tin Star Unproduced Lost
66 Three Billy Goats Gruff Unproduced Found
67 Shoelaces Unproduced Lost
68 Diesel's Taxi Unproduced Found
69 The Evening News Unproduced Lost
70 The Toy Bus Unproduced Lost
71 Alfred and Alphonse Unproduced Found
72 The Ghost Train Unproduced Lost
73 Chicken Pox Unproduced Lost
74 The Elf Unproduced Lost
75 Superbot Unproduced Lost
76 Christmas Tree Unproduced Lost
77 Christmas Presents Unproduced Lost
78 Happy New Year Unproduced Lost


An episode of the first dub.

An episode of the second dub.