Josie (partially found original version of Blink-182 music video; 1997)

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Screenshot from the original music video.

Status: Partially Found

In 1997, the band Blink-182 released their sophomore effort Dude Ranch, which spawned 4 singles, two of which got music videos, those being Dammit and Josie. Josie's music video, as we know it today, showed the 3 members (at the time), bassist Mark Hoppus, guitarist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Scott Raynor, at high school, with Hoppus trying to impress a girl he likes (Alyssa Milano) by doing various things (giving love notes, trying to get fit, etc.). But the original version of this video was completely different.

The Original Video

The original cut of the original version of Josie was actually directed by a totally different person. The band wanted to take a more "serious route" with the music video for Josie, and so they commissioned director Jason Matzner to make it a reality.[1] The music video was originally supposed to take place on an old cruise ship that was sinking, as the band played the song, and slowly things would start breaking down, exploding, etc., until the ship went dark, as Hoppus sings the final line "Everything's gonna be fine".[2] This video, being as ambitious as it was, would have cost the band's label, MCA Records, millions of dollars to produce, so, a compromise was reached, and an alternative was settled on. Instead of a cruise ship, it would take place in a basement, and, since basements are usually not underwater, a pipe would be broken by one of the band members during the video to cause the flooding.[1][2] According to Hoppus, shooting of the video was awful. The band was upset with the temperature of the water, which was shockingly cold, they had to bring along old equipment that they were okay with being ruined, and, to top it all off, DeLonge cut his head open during filming on a piece of shrapnel that was floating around the water.[1] Upon viewing the first edit of this version of the video, the band was unhappy with the results, and so, they went back to the drawing board, and later produced the video for Josie that we know today.[3]

A short 40-second snippet of the original version of the video was uploaded onto Vimeo on April 18, 2011, by the video's director Jason Matzner. In the comment section he stated that he has the master tape for the video and would upload it sometime during the 2011 holiday season.[4] However, that never happened and the 40-second snippet he uploaded is the only available footage of the original version of Josie.


The official music video.

The 40-second clip of the music video Josie.


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