Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde (found CBBC TV series; 1995-1998)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 13 Jun 2022

Found by: JJAHHNetwork,
BritishTVClassics (Series 3, Episode 12)
ClassicTellyEnjoyer (Series 3, Episode 8)

Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde is a children's television program that first aired on BBC One as part of the channel's CBBC programming strand. The first episode, entitled "Julia's Elixir" aired on the channel on September 29th, 1995[1], with the last episode airing on April 2nd, 1998.[2] There were subsequent repeat showings of the episodes on BBC One from the conclusion of series one in March 1996 through to May 20th, 1999. Additional repeats were shown on the CBBC channel throughout late 2002/early 2003.


Julia Jekyll is the highly intelligent star pupil of the Rocket Academy, a school for gifted children. She develops a refreshing drink as part of a science project (her 'elixir'), however, the school bullies, Sharon and Nicola (known colloquially as the Blister Sisters; also the nieces of the science teacher, Mr. Blister), sabotage her project by adding a bottle of hair growth formula to the concoction. While presenting her project to the class, Julia drinks the elixir, and finds herself transformed into a monstrous creature, who she calls 'Harriet Hyde'. Ever since that moment, Julia has found herself unexpectedly transforming into Harriet Hyde at the most inopportune moments.

The series follows Julia's attempts to try and reverse the effects of the tainted elixir, and the various mishaps and adventures that occur as a result of her unexpected changes into Harriet Hyde.


A selection of episodes was uploaded to YouTube in 2013, however, the account that uploaded these has since been terminated.

In September 2020, YouTuber JJAHHNetwork uploaded all but one episode of the series to YouTube and archive.org. In addition, one other episode only exists in a partially-complete state. Series 3, Episode 8 (titled "Dear Aunt Aggie") cuts out about one minute before the conclusion but is otherwise complete.

Series 2, Episode 12 (titled "The French Connection") also suffers from severe audio distortion to the point where the episode is almost unwatchable. Attempts have been made to improve the audio, but the results have not yielded any significant improvements.

On the 22nd of May in 2021, YouTuber BritishTVClassics uploaded series 3, episode 12 (titled "Which Witch?") to YouTube. The discovery of this episode led to the entire series being available to watch, albeit with the two caveats listed above.

A year later, on June 13th, 2022, Internet Archive user ClassicTellyEnjoyer uploaded his airing of the episode "Dear Aunt Auggie" on the Internet Archive, which contains the previously missing minute from JJAHHNetwork's upload of the episode, thus, making the full episode found. This was subsequently uploaded to YouTube where the whole series can now be watched on JJAHHNetwork's channel.

Episode List

Series 1

# Episode Title Status
1 Julia's Elixir Found
2 A Fright for Aunt Cassandra Found
3 Beauty and the Beast Found
4 Horror At The Waxworks Found
5 Emmeline Pond Takes Charge Found
6 A Dragon In The Living Room Found
7 Not Yeti Found
8 The Fingers Of Mrs Figgis Found
9 Love is in the Air Found
10 Sister Blister Found
11 Hard Rocket Café Found
12 Gorilla In The Midst Found
13 Gardener's Horror Time Found
14 Going To The Dogs Found
15 The New Boy Found
16 Home Sweet Home Found
17 Big Bunny Found
18 Framed Found
19 Stuck On Harriet Found
20 Aliens Found
21 Mrs Rocket's Diamonds Found
22 Danger - Ball Of Fluff Found
23 Roman All Over Found
24 Mr And Mrs Hyde Found

Series 2

# Episode Title Status
1 Little Mrs Rocket Found
2 The Magic Cabinet of Mr Rocket Found
3 The New Caretaker Found
4 Top Kids Found
5 I-Spy Found
6 Young Musician Of The Century Found
7 The Big Prize Found
8 Granny Jekyll Found
9 In The Net Found
10 Not All There Found
11 Love's Light Fingers Found
12 The French Connection Found (has significant audio issues)
13 Secrets Found
14 Famed Found
15 A Rocket Christmas Found

Series 3

# Episode Title Status
1 Invitations To Harriet Found
2 Tiddles Found
3 Julia's Birthday Found
4 Astro-Nuts Found
5 Best Girl Found
6 I'm Henry VIII I Am Found
7 Aggro Found
8 Dear Aunt Aggie Found
9 The Duke and Duchess of Rocket Found
10 With a Smile and a Song Found
11 Half Half Term Found
12 Which Witch? Found
13 Fangs Found
14 Mrs Rocket and the Mermaid Potion Found

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