Jungo (lost English dub of Danish-Canadian animated series; 2003)

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The series's title card.

Status: Lost

Jungo (also known as Jungledyret Hugo and Jungle Jack) is a Danish-Canadian animated children's series, produced by TV2, Egmont Imagination, and The Ocean Group. The 13-episode show is part of the Jungledyret Hugo franchise, taking place after the second film. It follows a rare jungle animal named Jungo, his friend Rita the fox and human named Charly, as they try to find a new home away from anywhere humans could capture Jungo. The series debuted on TV2 in Denmark between 2002 and 2003.


The series begins directly after the ending of the 1996 animated film Jungledyret Hugo 2 - den store filmhelt, with Jungo and Rita reaching freedom on a train headed towards a city. Jungo decides to return to the jungle, with Rita tagging along. On the way, they meet Charly, who returns from the 1993 film Jungledyret Hugo, and General Maximus, a character new to the franchise, who made Jungo the idol of a new country made in his home (named Junglandia). Upon arriving, they realise that it isn't how Jungo remembers it, with rain constantly falling. Eventually, they end up working at a circus. There they meet a troll who promises to teach them magic in return for taking him back home to the North Pole. Eventually, they make it to the North Pole, but Jungo and Rita are left behind in the blizzard, as the troll leaves. As they sleep, they once again get captured. However, shortly after, Charly rescues the two. The three decide to move to an island, with Charly guiding them.

English Dub

As the series was a Canadian co-production, The Ocean Group created an English version of it with Chinook Animation at Blue Water Studios. However, it is not known if it ever saw release. The English dub was used as the basis for a variety of versions in other languages, which credit the cast and production crew.[1] Voice actors Jonathan Love and Dave Pettitt independently listed their involvement with the show on their sites.[2][3] In an email, Pettitt suggested the dub might've been recast,[4] though it's possible he might be confusing it with other Jungledyret Hugo productions.

A trailer for the dub was seemingly hosted on the Princ Films website, but it has since been removed. [5] The show's current distributor is Bejuba Entertainment.

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