Just Can't Let Her Go (partially found unreleased One Direction song; 2013)

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OD Midnight Memories Cover.png

Cover to the album that at one point was rumored to have the song on it.

Status: Partially Found

Just Can't Let Her Go was an unreleased song by British boy band One Direction. In August 2013, two minutes of the song was leaked onto YouTube. Fans speculated that the song would be included on Midnight Memories, but when the album came out, it was nowhere to be found.

In 2014, it was revealed to have been sold to a 14-year-old musician named Isac Elliot. He ended up releasing it on one of his own albums. The One Direction version, however, has yet to be fully released, and it's unknown if it ever was fully produced.


Just Can't Let Her Go (Demo).

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